Update: Jailbreak iPhone 3.1.2 with blackra1n RC3 for 05.11.07 baseband also

Apple released the iPhone software update – OS 3.1.2 few days back and the latest firmware update contains a baseband firmware update 5.11.04 like firmware 3.1 and it’s is not compatible with Ultrasn0w. Unlock baseband 5.11.04 cannot be done with any utility as such. But thankfully, the iPhone Dev team has released the PwnageTool program that let’s you update your main firmware without touching your baseband firmware.

Here is a simple to follow guide which shows you how to upgrade and unlock your iPhone 3G from Firmware 3.0 to Firmware 3.1 without upgrading your baseband. All you have to do is download a custom firmware, this custom firmware is created with Dev team Pwnage Tool that strips out the baseband update from the upgrade.

Download Pwnage Tool 3.14

* PwnageTool 3.14 Torrent [Official Release] * http://downloads2.touch-mania.com/PwnageTool_3.1.4.dmg
* http://download.sourcekills.com/PwnageTool_3.1.4.dmg
* http://old.bielsipod.de/Daten/PwnageTool_3.1.4.dmg
* http://www.hackthatphone.net/PwnageTool_3.1.4.dmg
* http://miphone.ca/iphone-dev/PwnageTool_3.1.4.dmg
* http://www.appleturk.net/ATWT/PwnageTool_3.1.4.dmg
* http://www.apfelphone.net/dl/PwnageTool_3.1.4.dmg
* http://apfelportal.de/host/images/dev-team/PwnageTool_3.1.4.dmg

Are you eligible for Pwnage tool or not?

iPhone 3G,3GS 3.0/3.0.1 redsn0wed – YES
iPhone 3G,3GS 3.0/3.0.1/3.1 pwned – YES
iPhone 3GS 3.1/3.1.2 blackra1ned – You can jailbreak but can’t unlock

Guide to Jailbreak iPhone 2G 3G 3GS on OS 3.1 Windows

1. Download the custom firmware and place to your desktop. These custom firmware are Jailbreaked and contains Cydia for using the full potential of jailbreaking.

2. Put your iPhone in Recovery mode by following instructions –
a) Turn the device completely off and disconnect it from cable/dock.
b) Hold down the home button.
c) While holding down the home button connect to a computer with a cable (easiest) or dock.
d) Keep holding down the home button until you see a connect-to-iTunes
screen You are now in recovery mode.

3. Launch iTunes, hold the shift key and then hit Restore button. For Mac hold Option key on your Mac and then hit the restore button. Once the upgrade is finished you haven’t need to jailbreak it again since it was already jailbroken.

Note: This is a tested procedure by many iPhone users all over the world but we are not responsible for any damage. Do this at your own risk. As a matter of fact, we at TechPP discourage the users from jailbreaking their phones.

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