Earlier today, Google unveiled its latest service – a public global DNS service called – Google Public DNS. Google claims that their new DNS service makes your internet connection much faster, much safer and more reliable.

For those who are technically challenged, DNS is basically a system to convert domain names into IP addresses. Domain names are easier to understand, memorize and write for humans while computers only use IP addresses to communicate.

A Google Code page details how to change the DNS servers to use Google Public DNS servers. Experienced users need to use the following two DNS servers.


Many of you might already know and some of you might already be using OpenDNS, which is the most popular DNS service provider until now. Personally, I have been using OpenDNS for a while now and very happy with their service – speed, security and reliability. So, I was not ready to change my DNS just because Uncle Google came out with a competitor for OpenDNS. Luckily, found out a simple way to actually test and compare OpenDNS and Google DNS.

Compare OpenDNS and Google DNS

Check out this open source tool – Namebench which provides professional grade hardcore DNS speed benchmarking facility, capable of utilizing your web browser history, tcpdump output or standardized datasets to benchmark DNS server speeds!





However, if you are looking for something fast and easy to use utility, then DNS Tester (36 KB only) gets the job done but you will need to manually evaluate and compare the results.

I would be very interested to know about the results if you did manage to compare the 2 most popular DNS service providers.

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