Football (or Soccer if you are an American) is one of the most loved sports in the world. There are literally hundreds of millions of fans worldwide, if not, billions. It is watched all around the globe, from China to USA. And it seems that the number of fans is growing day by day, with the help of soccer stars like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Xavi, Iniesta; and, obviously the growing charisma of big soccer teams like Real Madrid, Manchester United, FC Barcelona, Bayern Munchen and many others.

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I personally know many people who always wonder, “where can I watch soccer highlights for free?”. Watching live streams for free can be quite tricky, so we suggest you to watch the games in replay or be very selective with the sources that you choose.

Watch Soccer/Football Highlights Or Replays for FREE Online

1. Youtube

Without any doubts, Youtube is the most accessible and easy to use place on the Internet to watch soccer highlights for free. There are thousands of uploaders who record important moments during the game and later on they put in on Youtube. However, there is a downside to that. While searching for soccer highlights, I stumbled across many “fake” videos, with pictures instead of video or plain black screen. So, it’s better if you find a list of trusted uploaders and subscribe to them.

2. DailyMotion

When I couldn’t find the soccer highlights I were looking for on Youtube I went straight to Dailymotion, as the best alternative that I know to Youtube. I was pleasantly surprised to notice that there was less “video spam” and more relevant content. So, if you’re looking for a match that was played years ago, you will find it on Dailymotion too. Youtube is better because it’s more popular; Dailymotion is better because it’s cleaner and the search returns are more precise. Use them both.

3. FootyTube

Carrying the “last name” of Youtube, FootyTube has grown into a real community of soccer fans across the world. And it actually works like a community. If it’s your first visit there, you will see on the home page, the most appreciated goals,  matches and teams. Footytube offers great video quality for its highlights and by highlights, I really mean that! You will not get only the goals, but the most important moments of the game, in good quality. By the way, there are many highlights taken from DailyMotion there.

4. GoalsArena

One of the best places on the web to watch immediate highlights for soccer matches. The team behind the site seems to operate pretty fast and you can have access to the latest goals or important moments of the match even during the game as they seem to upload on the go. As with other websites presented here, they aren’t quite the best solution for watching old highlights, only Youtube and Daily motion can help you there.

5. TimeSoccer

A very user-friendly website for you to watch high-quality videos for your latest soccer matches. It seems to have built quite a community as almost 11,000 people show up in their Facebook page. Aside from the usual highlights, you can also look at the FIFA World Soccer Ranking,  to see which country is now the best and what the runners-up. There is also a similar ranking table for soccer clubs. Just like Footytube, the team behind TimeSoccer selects only the videos with a very good quality so that you won’t have to search for an alternative website.


My Soccer Place seems to be another veteran website in offering soccer highlights. We can tell this by the big fans they have on Facebook – more than 23,000. What makes My Soccer Place different is the fact that they are actually offering full downloads for soccer games. Not for all of them, of course, but they do make a good selection and offer popular games for download. Besides that, you can also find fan groups on the website, for all the popular clubs out there.

7. EuroRivals

Despite having an European name, you will actually find highlights from all over the world, with a rich selection. I once saw that they have highlights even from games from the Chinese league of soccer, so I can highly suggest that you should search on EuroRivals for soccer highlights, if you didn’t find them elsewhere. What’s different about them is that they have displayed a table of odds, as well. So, if you are a better, you will find the information right there.

8. FootballClips

Even if this website doesn’t seem that colorful and rich in images as others do, you will still find there the latest highlights for your desired soccer games. From the favicon, you can tell that the website is built in Drupal, which seems to be a good website platform. We’re giving one advice to the folks at Football Clips – make your website look a little more modern and put some videos on the home page. It will surely give life to your website.

9. Fifa, Uefa 

Here, on the biggest website in the world for soccer, you will find replays and highlights with the best quality that there is, but, you will either have to pay a price for it or you will agree to watch very short highlights. However, the pleasure is assured. You will get very good commentators and the sensation of watching an entire game will be almost equal to that of watching it live, which you can also do at their website.

There were other alternatives, as well, but most of them were either starting out websites or online places that displayed low quality highlights. We’ve gathered only the best for you so that you won’t have to bother next time you’ve missed your favorite soccer match.

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