Face it, you’ve always envied Arnold Schwarzenegger and his amazing abilities in Terminator. The things you could if you would get your hands on a pair of such glasses. Well, apparently you’re fantasies might become reality very soon, because Google is working extensively in order to bring the SciFi experience to its followers this very year and hopefully by Christmas you could get yourself some heads-up display glasses!

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Google Heads-Up Glasses to give you Terminator like powers

The Google HUD glasses will look like any normal glass which you see people wearing on the streets on a normal day, but they will be incorporating a special technology inside the lens. We’re talking about a heads up display (HUD) which will be placed in front of the eye in order to provide suitable information about the location the user is in. Other sources claimed there is a possibility that the glasses might include a voice input/output. The glasses will run on a version of Android, with a CPU and will incorporate memory and storage.

There’s an increased likelihood that the glasses will have a LCD or AMOLED screen attached to them and will communicate directly with the Cloud via IP. Or they could just use Wi-Fi or even Bluetooth. The glasses are expected to use resources coming from Google’s major line of products such as Latitude, Goggles and Maps. A wild guess from the blogosphere comes to suggest that Google’s HUD Glasses could be looking similar with Oakley Thumps. Seth Weintraub, the discoverer of the story, says:

“The navigation system currently used is a head tilting to scroll and click. We are told it is very quick to learn and once the user is adept at navigation, it becomes second nature and almost indistinguishable to outside users.”

Google Glasses to Use Google Latitude and Goggles

So there you have it, in just a few months, people could be walking around and information about the places they are visiting or just trespassing will be popping up into the display. How rich the experience of going for a walk might become? The glasses will forward information to the cloud. By using services like Google Goggles, for example, the HUD glasses will be able to figure out what is being looked for example. With Google Latitude, users will be able to share their location with friends. Talking about Google Latitude, it recently got updated with leaderboards, so your experience could be soon shared with your friends.

Google is not trying to make profit with this, voices say, not now, anyway. Rather, the company is trying to focus all its best efforts into the project and is treating it as an open experiment. If customers turn out to be satisfied with the device, then Google can start thinking about how to attract cash. Google employees have leaked some information regarding the price of the device. It turns out that the glasses would amount to a price similar to current smartphone. They don’t say which smartphone, so that only leaves us guessing it is going to be somewhere between $250 and $600. Start saving up.

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