Magazines are one of our best sources of information. They are both educative, fun and they allow us to take some R&R and enjoy. Now, everyone has his favorite magazine, the one that gives them the most satisfaction while reading. I prefere tech magazines and game magazines, and there are no shortage of these. Although, magazines have their disadvantages: they exist in physical form (awkward, righ?).

Reading Newspapers on Tablets: a Fad or Need?

Let me explain: if you like 2-3 magazines, and subscribe to them, if you want to read an interesting article on your way to work, you have to carry the magazine with you. What better solution could there be? Well, the electronic version. And you can read them anywhere you want. All you need is an electronic subscription and a device to read them on: a eBook reader with Wi-Fi, a smartphone, and the best of all, a tablet. Knowing that the iPad is the first thing that pops in anyone’s mind when it comes to tablets, we made a top of the best magazines available for the iPad. So you can carry your entire collection of magazines with you all the time.

And if you own an iPad, then you have lots of good magazines to choose from. The quality of the digital versions is great and the apps associated with these magazines allow you to store your collection safely and available at all times. The advantages of having a digital issue of your favorite magazine on your iPad are obvious:

  • you have them all the time with you
  • you can bookmark stories and articles
  • you can see galleries and search the web at the same time
  • you have your magazine collection safely on your device and cannot lose them

Also, you get the magazines earlier and there is no fear of mail loss or the magazines not getting on time.

Top 14 iPad Magazines

I’m not here to decide what magazines you should read, I only give advice to those who are more techno savvy and want to get an idea about what cool magazines they can get on their iPads.

14. O The Oprah Magazine


Get the best motivational advice directly on your iPad. Now with O The Oprah Magazine digital issue, you can read her advice directly on your iPad. No more hustle with paper magazines that get lost and occupy lots of space. For $19.99, you get 1 year subscription directly on your iPad.

13. Men’s Health Magazine

men's health

Men’s Health Magazine. The magazine of my childhood. Now, it’s available for iPad owners around the world. A guide in becoming the perfect Alpha Male in your group and get all the ladies. Anyone can be up to date on the very best tips and tricks and being that you can carry it around with you all the time; it’s a great idea to subscribe on your iPad.

12. The Week Magazine US

the week

Did you hear all the important events that happened this week? Well, if you didn’t, go grab The Week Magazine and browse it. Now available on iPad and at only $4.99 for a 1 month subscription, you can get the digital version. Also, if you are a current print subscriber, you can get the digital version free.

11. GQ


One year subscription for $19.99 and you get GQ magazine on your iPad. But in fact, you get much more: the latest fashion updates available. What to wear, what to buy and where to buy them from. The magazine for those who want to look their best every day, now for the iPad.

10. Sports Illustrated Magazine


Experience Sports Illustrated like you have never. Anywhere you go, you can now browse through the newest sports gear and read your favorite articles. All your iPad. Also, by subscribing to the iPad digital issue of Sports Illustrated you will get a few new cool features.

9. PEOPLE Magazine


People Magazine is another well known magazine, that has crossed your hands at one point, and the digital version is now up for grabs. Enjoy the People Magazine via this app and benefit from cool features that only tablet subscribers can have, and also, if you are subscribed to People Magazine in print, you can get the digital version free. See what features you can exclusively enjoy on your iPad by downloading the app.

8. TIME Magazine

time magazine

TIME Magazine, this magazine does not need any introduction and any top wouldn’t be complete without it. Also if you are a current subscriber of TIME Magazine, you can access the digital version free on your iPad to enjoy every week.

7. Popular Mechanics Magazine

popular mechanics magazine

A great magazine with lots of readers worldwide, now available on the go, directly on your iPad. And for only $19.99, you can get a 1 year subscription to Popular Mechanics Magazine.

6. The New Yorker Magazine


One of the oldest magazines, The New Yorker Magazine is now stepping into a new era. The digital version is now available for iPad owners. Remember that for $59.99, you don’t get just a magazine, you are part of history and you get one of the most well established magazines ever.

5. MAD Magazine

mad magazine

Ever in the mood for a good laugh? Good humor and funny jokes? Well, now you can have Mad on your iPad with just $9.99 for a one year subscription. A great and extremely popular magazine now available for all iPad users worldwide.

4. Popular Science+

popular science+

You probably heard of Popular Magazine at least once in your lifetime, the very Popular Science magazine where you could find only the best stories. Now, you have new re-designed version of your favorite magazine, in the form of Popular Science+. With an iPad subscription of only $14.99 for a full year subscription, this is a bargain.

3. Stuff DNA

stuff dna

The well-known gadget magazine is now available for the iPad. The app is really great and it can show you the best gadgets, robots and many others. Want to know “how can Sony’s Aibo robot dog claim to have influenced the amazing Parrot A.R.Drone”, the answer is in Stuff DNA.

2. National Geographic Magazine

national geographic magazine

Also in our top, is the National Geographic Magazine. This iPad Magazine is known worldwide and has millions of readers. I really love it and it features some of the most interesting articles ever. The subscription the the iPad version of the National Geographic Magazine is $19.99 for one year (12 issues).

1. WIRED Magazine

wired magazine

Wired is probably the best known tech magazine available. Every geek has heard of it and it has thousands of readers. The app is really nice, it downloads the latest issue of Wired magazine and you can read it via the app or the Newsstand on your iPad. Also, the subscription to Wired magazine are quite cheap: $19.99 for a 1 year subscription.

These would be my top picks for the best iPad magazines. In my opinion they cover just about any domain you might be interested in. Of course, there are more science magazines, mainly because the majority of our readers are also the techno savvy and these are the magazines that interest them the most. And if you come across any other cool magazines available on the iPad, please let us and our readers know!

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