YouTube needs no introductions. It is without a doubt the world’s biggest video sharing community and after Google bought it, they made it known to the entire world. Now, YouTube offers users, besides millions of videos on any subject, video editing tools and the possibility to make money with your channel.

Some might wonder: what other tools could the guys at Google offer users to make their YouTube experience even better? Well, a new tool now offers the possibility to create Intros and Outros for their videos, so their subscribers can have a more pleasant experience on their channel.

YouTube +Introduction Tool

This tool is available for all users that like to create a short video to introduce their viewers to the main part of their playlist. This tool can make your playlist look more professional and seem much more like a news report than a simple collection of video. As with all of Google’s products, this tool is extremely simple to use and with a few clicks you are done.

how to create intro/outro to youtube videos

Other features

The Introduction tool also allows you to add text effects to your intros and sounds to make them more customized and to get your viewers into the proper mood. Also, you can set the time duration of your intro video from the Introduction tool’s window.

How the +Introduction Tool works

how to create intro/outro to youtube videos

If you want to start customizing your playlist with short intros and outros, then all you have to do is follow these few steps:

1. Create or open a playlist
2. Click the “Edit” button
3. Between videos you will see the “+Introduction”, click on it
4. A window will open that allows you to record a short video via your WebCam, or create a text intro. Choose which ever you want
5. When you have created your short video, click “Save”.

This is how simple it is to create short intros or outros for your playlists. Give it a try and see how easy and fun it is to use! Below is the video we made.

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