A recent study done by Nielsen Company on 12,000 US owners of tablets and other mobile devices, revealed that a large number of tablet owners use their devices while lying in bed or watching TV. Many of them need something to support their tablets and let them watch them without having to hold them in uncomfortable positions. This is also true about eReader users or smartphone owners, but the smaller size of these devices makes them more comfortable than tablets.

The problem lies with tablet owners, and it’s safe to assume that the vast majority of tablet owners have iPads. And we all know how much Apple fans like all the accessories manufacturers are putting out, so a few iPad bed stands would be a blessing for them. These will let them use their iPads while lying in bed and not have to hustle with sore arms or the possibility of falling asleep and dropping their devices.

how to use the ipad in bed: top 7 stands - ipad bed stand

Let’s look at the numbers

  • 70% of tablet owners and 68% of smartphone owners use their devices while watching TV.
  • 61% of eBook owners and 57% of tablet owners use their devices while lying in bed.

Here is a more detailed graph of the usage of these three devices in different activities and time periods while they are being used:

how to use the ipad in bed: top 7 stands - ipad usage statistics

Top iPad bed stands

Because Apple products benefit from a large number of users, many accessories for these devices are available, from protective cases, gaming peripherals and up to very stylish bed stands. Here are a few choices or great iPad bed stands that you can use to free up your hands and make more use of your iPad.

7. Prop ‘n Go

how to use the ipad in bed: top 7 stands - prop n go ipad

The Prop ‘n Go is a one-size-fits-all design that allows you to mount any tablet you might have at any angle you might want. It has a simple system that lets you choose the perfect viewing angle for your tablet. If you wish to take with you on your next vacation, no problem, it will fold up very nicely and fit in any bag.

6. Tablift


A different but equally great design is found in the Tablift. This iPad bed stand keeps your iPad in front of your face, allowing you sit back and use it with ease. It can also be used while standing, due to its different angle positions or, if you like to take photos with your iPad, you can use it as an excellent tripod. Also, it can be folded in such a way that it won’t occupy too much space, so you can carry it with you anywhere.

5. LEVO Deluxe

levo deluxe bed stand ipad

If you have more than one device at home, and you want a bed stand that can accommodate them all, look no further than the LEVO Deluxe. This awesome bed stand can hold almost all kinds of tablets, as well as real books (you know, the ones with pages made out of paper) in any position that suits you. Thanks to its great design and positioning system, it can hold your iPad above your head, or in any other position so you can kick back and relax the way you want.

4. ePillow


Convenient, comfortable and portable. These are the key aspects that any iPad bed stand must have, and the ePillow nails them perfectly. It looks like a normal pillow, but it has a special cutout that lets you mount your iPad and use it anywhere. Also, because it basically is a pillow, it reduces vibration and movement, so you can use it while commuting.



If you like your house to have a classy, minimalist look, then the FLOTE iPad stand is perfect for you. It has one of the best designs I have ever seen in any iPad bed stands and its materials and build quality are top notch. iPad, Kindle or other tablets can fit very nicely on the FLOTE bed stand due to its adjustable holding bracket. When using this bed stand, you will notice that, unlike others, it doesn’t feel wobbly like it’s about to fall. The sturdy construction and excellent design make this one of the best iPad bed stands ever.

2. Wedgestand


This pillow-like bed stand can accommodate just about any device you want. Be it a Nook, Kindle, Galaxy Tab or iPad. It has a nice design and it provides a sturdy platform to keep your tablet oriented towards you, letting you use your hands freely. Although it does not have a stand foot, the Wedgestand gives users an excellent support and it can be used in many positions. The soft material the stand is made of offer it a nice feel and a classy look, perfect for home use, office or commute.

1. Manatee

how to use the ipad in bed: top 7 stands - manatee ipad stand

The Manatee is one of the coolest iPad bed stands you could ever find. At this point being only a start up, they are in need of money to fully develop their design, but when the development stage is complete, it will be one of the best on the market. It features a great design and top of the line build materials. Also, it can accommodate all versions of iPad regardless of what type of external cover they have. The Manatee gives you a steady platform that can be adjusted to any angle.

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