Since Facebook introduced their Timeline design, everyone started to customize their personal & professional pages with cover photos and profile images that said more about them. This feature has definitely made Facebook much more creative, as it gave each user the possibility to create their own page designs.

Although users can use just about any picture they want as a cover photo, most of the time, they will search for something that suits their moods or something that just looks awesome. And we’ve seen some awesome Facebook covers from inspired users, but for those who want the easy way out, or who do not possess the skills to modify photos in a professional program, there is a solution, and today we’ll be talking about it.

Facebook Cover Photo Makers


Yes, that’s right, there are lot of such websites on the web, and most of them offer free cover photos for users to use on their profiles. There are also websites that allow users to upload their own images and create their own unique design. There are thousands of images available on these websites, all very neatly categorized according to their content and style.

As you will notice, there are lots of websites for creating your own cover photos using pictures uploaded by you. Although these are pretty good tools, they only offer basic features and effects. All of them offer the possibility to add texts, graphics and backgrounds, but in terms of effects and manipulation, they are pretty basic. So, if you want to create your own Facebook cover photo, keep this in mind.

Top Facebook Cover Download Websites


Although these websites do not allow users to create their own designs, there do feature an impressive collection of cover photos ranging from abstract to almost any type of content. These pictures are the exact size that users need for their profiles, so no more cropping is necessary.

Top Facebook Cover Generator Websites


These websites are in a way the upgraded versions of the download websites. These have the same gallery of cover photos, but they also have a Cover Generator feature where users can use the tools provided by the website to create their own custom cover photo. Also, they allow users to upload their own background pictures or graphics and create a custom design to fit into the Facebook cover photo panel, which they can then download to their computer or upload it directly to their Facebook profiles.

Using these Facebook cover makers will allow Facebook users to customize their profile in any way they see fit. Having at their disposal thousands of images and the possibility to create custom covers will let anyone have a unique Facebook profile. These tools are perfect for those with no experience in photo manipulation programs, like Photoshop, and they give the regular user the tools necessary to make their Facebook profile stand out.

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