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Ordering food is very convenient. You only have to pick up your phone and someone will deliver it at your doorstep. However, ordering food can be done over the Internet also. It is just as simple as via phone, but it has some extra advantages also. These services are particularly good when you have to order many items, for a company or at meeting.

By ordering food online, you can compare prices from different services, see all the items they have and know exactly how much you have to pay. Also, some online food ordering services allow customers to pay on their website, so they won’t have to worry about having cash at hand.

What online food ordering services can you use?

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There are a number of services that allow users to order food online. Also, besides these services, users can also check individual restaurants in their area. Many of them make home deliveries and they also allow the customer to order online. But for now, we’ll take a look at some dedicated online food ordering services that you can try out.

OrdeRlunch – This website specializes in large volume orders, perfect for businesses with many employees or for special occasions. They work closely with a number of restaurants and they can provide customers with lots of choices. They can also receive orders for take-out.

Available in: US

GrubHub – This is a well know online food ordering service that has many customers who are happy with it. GrubHub is a search engine for restaurants where users can find the best places to eat and order food. The website allows customers to order dishes in only a few steps, and it provides different choices for food preparation.

Available in: US

GimmeGrub – A service that is designed to be fast and easy to use by everyone. Users can search for nearby restaurants that make home delivery, browse their menus and take orders directly from the GimmeGrub website. The order is sent via fax to the restaurant. If there is any problem with your order, the website support team will call the restaurant and order your food.

Available in: US

GetQuik – If you are looking for a online food ordering service that can quickly take your order and place it to the nearest restaurant in your area, or if you like a particular restaurant and you want to order something quickly, then you should try GetQuik. Their website is very simple to use and the search wizard will allow you to quickly place your order.

Available in: US

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Diningin – Ordering food online has a number of advantages, and users of Diningin can take full advantages of this. From coupons with deals or free delivery to corporate deliveries, there is an option for everyone. With its simple and intuitive user interface and huge list of restaurants, you’ll always find what you’re looking for.

Available in: US

Delivery – Another very popular online food ordering service is Delivery. They allow users to search for the nearest restaurants or via city. The interactive menu allows customers to see all the dishes that are offered by a restaurant and they can pick what they want easily. The customer can browse different restaurants and compare prices with ease.

Available in: US

Foodler – Featuring many restaurants from different cities, Foodler is a great tool for ordering food online. It’s simple website interface makes it easy for anyone to find all kinds of food, as well as see restaurant ratings and prices. Customers can order with ease any type of food and with no effort of spending time on hold for your order to be taken.

Available in: US

Meal2Go – At first, the user interface of Meal2Go might not seem as user friendly as others, but once you’ve browsed it for a few minutes it will be very simple to use. The service allows users to find lots of restaurants, look at menus and modify and purchase any dish. Customers will have their order ready in no time thanks to the on-site dish customizer tool.

Available in: UK

HungryHouse – This service allows customers to quickly find all the restaurants in their vicinity and order any dish they like. One cool feature is the ability to split the bill, so multiple customers will not have to stare at the bill and figure out what each of them ows.

Available in: UK

Just-Eat – Just-Eat is one of the best known online food ordering services. It’s database thousands hundreds of restaurants around the world and it can always point its users to the very best places to order food. The website has a very easy to use interface and customers can browse the menus and send orders in only a few seconds.

Available in: UK, India, Canada, Brazil, France, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium, Ireland, The Netherlands, Norway

TastyKhana – If you want to order something to eat online and pay with your credit card at the same time, then TastyKhana is a very good service to use. It allows customers to buy food online from a number or restaurants and compare prices and menus as much as they want.

Available in: India

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FoodPanda – Users who want to order food online from well known restaurants such as Pizza Hut or Subway can do so with the help of FoodPanda. Of course, there are many other restaurants featured on the website, from which customers can buy. Nevertheless, its intuitive interface and the possibility to search for restaurants that accept cash payments make a good choice.

Available in: India

Menulog – Ordering food online is all well and good, but how do you know you get the most for your money? Menulog offers users the possibility to see different special offers that certain restaurants have, so they can always get the best food for the least amount of money. This online food ordering service also offers SMS confirmation for your orders.

Available in: Australia

Eat Now –  Eat Now offers one of the simplest ways for users to order food online. The website’s simple user interface and huge database of restaurants make it a perfect tool for those who don’t want to spend too much time on the phone waiting for their call to be answered. Also, the possibility to pay online via credit card or PayPal makes it that much easier to order food.

Available in: Australia

Delivery Hero – The simple search features of Delivery Hero make it a very fast tool for customers who want to buy food from home and have it delivered to them. If you know what you want to eat, then it’s just a matter of checking the checkbox in the filter and see what restaurants can serve you. Customers can also pay online via credit card or PayPal.

Available in: Australia

As you can see, there are lots of websites that will allow you to order food online with next to no effort. It’s faster than having to call a restaurant and thanks to the fact that you have more restaurants to choose from, you can get the best prices and deals. Also, you can sometimes customize your order just the way you like it, so there will be no misunderstandings. Some of these websites also have mobile apps that you can install on your smartphone, so you can order some food on the go.

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