Today, Skype has announced that they are bringing the video messaging feature to all the major platforms out there: Windows desktop, Windows 8, Mac, iPhone & iPad, Android and BlackBerry. And if before testers were limited to only 20 free attempts and free for those with a premium subscription ($4.99), now the video messaging feature is free for everybody.

We can now send unlimited video messages to our Skype contacts in the above mentioned platforms. Quite weird, there is not a Windows Phone version yet. Users can record and share video messages to their contacts even if they’re not online. This means that your recipient will be able to see your message whenever they log into Skype. You should also know that your recordings won’t be longer than three minutes. There is also the option of previewing your message before sending it.
skype video message

Send free unlimited Skype video messages to your contacts

We first heard about the video messaging feature back in February. Being surrounded by so many competitors, it is vital for Skype to remain in the perception of online users as the first service to use when video/audio calling for free. Now, we can leave video messages also, free of charge. Of course, this isn’t something that telcom operators will like, but it’s hard to fight against emerging VOIP technologies. Yasmin Khan on Skype’s corporate blog:

Skype is all about keeping people close — but even the best technology can’t solve the problem of busy schedules or missed calls. Want to say goodnight to your kids while traveling, but you’ll be up in the air? Need to wish your dad a happy birthday, but can’t seem to catch up? Spot something interesting while you’re out and about, and want to share with your friend? Skype can help you connect with the special people in your life—even when your schedules conflict.

If you ever encounter some issues with Skype’s video messaging feature on your platform, you can always visit this FAQ page or try to contact Skype representatives on their Facebook or Twitter accounts. Have a look at the very basic video tutorial from below to know how to send a video message from your Skype account to your contacts.

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