A wedding is a magical and blessing experience in everyone’s life, but for the people who have to assure that everything is right on track it represents a real exhausting job. It’s very hard to organize a wedding, pure chaos starting right from choosing the correct dress, the band, the reception site, the photographer, the flowers and the uncountable other details that somehow have to be pulled together.

That particular day is the biggest day in everybody’s life and everything has to be perfect. For example, people have to make the guest lists, juggle with the budget, suppliers, lists of all kinds and so forth. Luckily for the newly weds, developers have created a lot of applications designed to help people make everything easier. In the following lines we list the best wedding planning apps we could find, which work for iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS and Windows Phone alike.

The best Wedding Planning Apps


The wedding app is a newly concept which became a must have for every person which is preparing for a marriage. These apps can be a real help for both partners, family members and friends who are included in the planning. Because some plans won’t turn out as you like, people have to make back-up plans in case something goes wrong. That’s why, it’s better to use one of the following apps that helps you to stay organized, stick to a budget, split your time, choose the venue and suppliers and more.

Wedding Happy – Wedding Planner

wedding happy

Wedding Happy – Wedding Planner is a special application made in order to help you organize all the stuff that need to be done before a wedding. It is super simple to start things up, because all that you need to do is to set your future wedding date and the application automatically creates customized to-do lists, showing all of them on a beautiful and handy dashboard. It even doesn’t ask you for an email address.

This application has very nice features that can be a real help for every bride, and even for a broom, to stay organized. The app creates the lists with things that have to be done and permits users to add new things to the plan by creating tasks with their calendar applications. Furthermore, the app reminds users when the due date of a task is approaching so that they won’t forget and do things on a hurry afterwards.

Also, they can associate tasks, referring to food, drinks, flowers and so forth, to different vendors and the app will integrate their contact details. The great thing about this app is that it can send all the plans and even tasks along with their details to a specified address, either if you are sending it to your or your friends or future bride. Moreover, the app exports the plan so that users print it and pin in to their refrigerator or somewhere else.

The app is very useful and it’s free for download, being available only for iOS mobile devices, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Different features can be bought through the in-app purchase store and add some extra stuff. Also, this app will enrich your experience by not requiring an Internet connection when it’s used.

Wedding Budget

wedding budget

Wedding Budget is the perfect application that helps people to get over one of the major challenges when having a wedding, the budget. Either is a $100k or a $1k budget, this app permits users to control all the money issues, being a real money saver especially if it’s used from the beginning of the planning steps.

This app represents a must have when it’s about planning and organizing your wedding’s budget. It’s suitable for brides, grooms and other friends or family members who help the two of them to set their budget and keep track of expenses. Besides these features, the app also permits to change the budget for each component as the time passes by.

Also, the app has some paid features, which can add something extra that can help you even more. One of them is the feature that transforms your iPhone’s screen (when it’s placed horizontally) into a beautiful and easy-to-read graphic with your currently budget and expenses. Also, you could customize budget items, add multiple budgets, and receive notifications to alert you when an item is over budget and more.

The Wedding Budget application can be a real and trustworthy partner that can be downloaded for free from here for your iOS device. For the extra features, users have to buy the Pro Pack within the application for a price of $2.99.

iWedding Deluxe


iWedding Deluxe is one of the best wedding planner applications made for mobile devices. Its main purpose is to help users to organize better their precious wedding, while in the same time it keeps all the important information and data at just their fingertips. Developer’s main goal is to make more and more people to use this app, because as they say, this application is the only one that a bride and broom need.

This beautiful software has lots and lots of features that cover almost everything. It comes with complex organizational tools, which are very handy for everyone who is approaching their big day. Users can find features for controlling their budget, contact and venue information, to-do lists and even more. Also, it has a countdown on the timeline where users receive advices on things that have to be done.

One of the most interesting features is the one that permits you to find different vendors nearby your location. Also, the app offers ways to record guest lists, upload inspiring photos, seating plans for reception and food preferences for each person. In addition, it allows users to record guest invitations, their response and the status of their attendance or if they come with extra people.

This great application is a little expansive in comparison with other solutions, but for certain it represents a premium wedding application that can be downloaded for iOS devices at $5.99.

Wedding Wire

wedding wire

Wedding Wire is an application that gathers multiple services that help people to organize better their wedding. The best thing is that through this application its developers offer a portable way for users to access their WeddingWire account. From here users can search from over 200 000 wedding professionals and get advices and reviews from other couples from all-around the world.

The application has four different main categories: Planning Tools, Photo Galleries, Forums and Vendor Search. In the Planning Tools users will find useful applications to set their budget and add expenses, create the guest list, checklists, inspiration boards and more. Also, the Photo Galleries are very handy because when browsing them, users can find their perfect dress, jewelry, invitations and more.

The most interesting feature in our opinion is the presence of the forums where users can find advices, good reviews about different vendors, useful information and more from other people who already tried them. Also, users can start a new thread if they need further assistance. Another nice thing is the Vendor Search feature, which is used to detect and display different vendors nearby your current location and access their information and contact them directly from the app.

The app can be downloaded for Android and iOS mobile devices for free.

Ultimate Wedding App

ultimate wedding app

Ultimate Wedding App is an application created by the international wedding and party planner Sarah Haywood (she worked at CNN at the Royal Wedding Expert show). Being made in collaboration with such a famous person, the application brings you complete services for every thing that has to be planned before a wedding.

Using this app, users can enjoy a great number of premium features, like the budget planner especially made to keep a record of the payments and money. People can set the budget in multiple currencies, to view the total money that were spent until a particular date and more. Other features are the wedding planner, wedding checklist, wedding days schedule templates and more.

A nice thing about the application is the guest manager feature that allows users adding their guests manually or directly via their mobile device. Also, they can be grouped depending on their preferences, assigned to tables and see their RSVP status. The good thing is that this information about the plans can be exported and printed.

Everything is simpler with the Ultimate Wedding App and if we convinced you about its helpfulness you should know that it’s available for Android, iOS and Blackberry devices and can be downloaded for $2.99.


You should also take a look at the following application called Wedding Party that can be a real treat. Basically, it’s an app where users can store, organize and share photos from their wedding journey, from the engaging moment until the big day. All the important moments regarding your wedding can be shared with people who are invited by you via this app.

The app is available for both Android and iOS operating systems and can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store and iTunes.

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