Internet is bursting with amazing services. While Gmail, Facebook, Instagram don’t require any introduction, there are tons of other services which haven’t become so popular. No, cooking your dinner online hasn’t become reality just yet, but there are many other cool things that you could find useful in your everyday life. Here we have curated a list of some of our favorite ones.

Create LEGO figures of yourself


If you are Star Wars fan, then you probably already possess many LEGO characters. But, how about making a LEGO figure which resembles you!? Minifigs lets you morph your face to the LEGO characters. Additionally, you can also add any special message to the character if you want.

Turn your pictures into 3D sculpture

bumpy photos

Have you ever wondered how your photos would look if instead of being 2 dimensioned they were in 3D? A web-service called Bumpy Photo does just that. It lets you add an extra dimension to your photos, by letting you customize the deepness of your pictures. Depending on the details of your picture, creating a 3D sculpture can cost you about $120.

Find when the next episode of your favorite show is airing


If you follow a lot of TV shows, it could become a tedious task to keep track of all your favorite shows. For example, when is the new episode of The Big Bang Theory airing? You missed one episode, and bam, your twitter and Facebook feed is filled with all the spoilers. To avoid such things from happening, you can visit this website called TV count down, which without any registration, or any charges tells you all information about your favorite shows.

Email your future self


Wouldn’t it be nice to send a message to your future self? Write down the things you want to accomplish in your life, or the things which are troubling you, and check back in a year or so to see how well you did. FutureMe is an incredible service that offers you this feature. And it doesn’t cost a dime. You can read more about it here.

Send fake emails

i am going to hogwarts - fake email

Whether you are trying to win an argument, or prank a friend, fake emails can come handy at times. Emkej Mailer is a popular email service that lets you send fake emails to others. The service is very simple to use and doesn’t require any registration.

Get Free Legal Documents

Hiring a lawyer, although is a better choice, but can cost you ample sum of money. If you’ve a limited budget, and you are not dealing with a very complicated case, Docracy, a fantastic web-service can save you lots of cash. You can easily get your legal document drafted, as well as sign your documents from within the service itself.

Download/View movies and TV series for free

You don’t actually have to rent or buy the DVDs of a classic movie. The Internet Archive hosts a large collection of movies that you can download from their website for free. Other than that, many publishers put the content of their shows on their YouTube channels. You won’t find everything that you are looking for, but you won’t leave empty handed either.

Learn almost anything for free

Many prestigious universities, including MIT, Harvard and Stanford, are putting the lectures and notes of the courses they offer on their website for free. MIT recently started a program named Free Creative Learning Class which offers plethora of courses varying from programming to psychology. My colleague Alex Serban wrote more about such services here. Although you shouldn’t bank your hopes to get any job using their certificates, but if you are up for some quality learning, you will absolutely love it.

Turn your quote into a masterpiece


ReciteThis is a simple web-service, which turns your quote into posters. Just visit the website, enter some text and click on Create button. Once you have done that, you will see your words put on a nice background. You can then download the image in high resolution if you want. The service is completely free to use and does not require any sign-up.

Discover new music

Some days you want to listen to good music, but none of the songs in your music library cut it. Mixest might help you in those days. It is a great site which starts playing random songs every time you visit it. You can be very assure that you haven’t heard that song before. It is a very intuitive way to discover new music.

Get the right size glasses

If you are planning to get your glasses from an online e-commerce website, then you might want to double check the frame size of the glass that you are purchasing. Problem with buying glasses from an online store is that you don’t get to know if the glasses will fit you properly or not. To do this, you can give Tesco Opticians a try. It is a web based service that will guide you on how to get the right size glasses for your eyes.

Get your Facebook report

facebook report

The smart search engine, WolframAlpha offers to generate reports about your Facebook profile. Once you have given it access to look into your profile, the computational search engine will tell you some interesting stats about your Facebook activities. The number of posts you have made, number of images you have uploaded, number of likes your posts have received and similar things. You can use this service from this page.

Get all your questions answered

wolframalpha answers your questions

WolframAlpha is a powerful search engine which instead of returning web results to your queries, tries and analyzes what you are trying to search. This enables you to ask it questions in a human-friendly language, and it tells you the answer. So whether it is a scientific concept that you can’t find the explanation of, or any historical date you can’t seem to remember, odds are WolframAlpha knows it.

Identify celestial bodies

Ever wonder what is flying across the sky? It is very common to mistake a planet with some other celestial body. Thankfully, as you might have guessed, there is an app for that.


If you have an Android device, you can install SkEye, and pinpoint to that moving body and the app will instantly provide you all the information. iPhone and iPad users can try Night Sky 2 which does the same task.

Explore Mars

bilion pixel view from curiosity

Speaking of celestial bodies, would you be interested in exploring our neighboring planet Mars?
You should try NASA’s Billion-Pixel View of Mars coverage which has been captured and sent by Curiosity Mars Rover. You can also try Google Mars.

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