The big problem nowadays is that you have many acquaintances and their information is spread in too many places on your mobile devices. Practically, every time you want to contact someone you have to scavenger hunt through different applications in order to find that useful information you need, whether it’s a LinkedIn profile page or just a mobile phone number.

Stop searching on four or even five applications on your Android or iOS powered mobile device and think about installing an application that gathers all the information in just one place. It won’t be difficult anymore to find your friends’ and family’s information, like Facebook, Twitter, emails and others, because in this article we will present the solution for everything: the best contact management apps one can find in the market.

Contact Management Apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone


The standard Contacts application that is implemented in your Android or iOS mobile device is practically a contact management app that offers only the basics. Users are able to store the phone numbers and email addresses of their family and friends, a photo of them and link with their social network personas, but in fact it doesn’t have anything special.

That’s why, some exceptional contact management apps were made, which have that something that can make the difference between a simple, dust-gathering app and an innovative solution.



Plaxo was initially launched in 2002 as a combination of an address book with a social network, which evolved in the past years into a fully sophisticated contact management application. Developers have offered a cross platform application that unifies all the contact information in a single place and a cloud based application that syncs every change that is made on your account between all linked devices.

The important advantage is that the application is cloud based, so that your organized address book is available and can be accessed from anywhere you are. The app also permits users to import data from multiple sources, like email, phone book and online social networks (Facebook, Twitter and more), in order to build a universal contact management application where you can find everything you want.

The service has multiple features that are very useful for everyone that wishes for a user-friendly approach but complex ingredients to store contacts properly. One of the most important tools is named “Dedupe Tool,” which can delete and merge contacts from multiple accounts including Outlook, Mac, Gmail, and Yahoo. Furthermore, its developers offer another app that permits users to receive contact cards through text messages, emails, or even QR codes named Plaxo ContactCard Sharing which is available for free for Android and iOS devices.

If you are interested in downloading Plaxo, you should know that it comes with multiple account types: Free, Platinum Sync ($5 per month), Personal Assistant ($6.67), and Platinum Sync & Personal Assistant Bundle ($9.92). The differences between them are represented by the features that are included.

The address book can be accessed online using a simple browser, by going to the official website, or from an Android, iOS, Windows Phone, or BlackBerry mobile device.



The well-known startup application Xobni was recently re-branded into the new and fresh Smartr app. Basically, this application is a social contact manager that is compatible with lots of different services and which automatically creates amazing profiles for each person that is in your contact list, including updates and history messages from your favorite online social networks. Also, this app was very well reviewed in well-known publications, like Macworld and Apple’s own magazine.

Note that you have to own one of the following accounts in order to be able to use this app:,, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, or Xobni for Outlook. In case you already have one of the above accounts, you can fully enjoy of its numerous features, from which we can remind Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter integration, besides the simplicity of the interface and more. Another nice feature is the one that can automatically discover a person’s Facebook or Twitter profile, even if you didn’t know that they were on that respective social network.

Other things that are worth mentioning are the capability of calling, emailing, or text messaging with a single tap, seeing who you have in common with people from your address book, protecting all your contacts in the cloud, and more. Also, a nice feature is the one that permits users to view emails and events on a calendar for each person from this magical address book.

This app is no longer available for Android users because the company was bought by Yahoo, but it can still be downloaded for free for iOS mobile devices from the iTunes store.



Tacts: Smart Contact Manager, Group Text & Email and Favorites is a contact management application developed by the Chinese startup Terntek company, which released the app for English speakers in 2010. If you use this app, you’ll see that contact management becomes easier thanks to the fact that this software is very user-friendly; it has a nice interface and extended functionality implemented.

Basically, once you start using Tacts, you will instantly see a big difference from the standard Android or iOS contacts application. The first thing that it will do is to import the address book from your phone and group contacts in different categories depending on various criteria. The Smart Groups feature allows you to do this by automatically organizing your contacts using pre-defined parameters and characteristics, such as hometown and others.

Also, it has a Groups Management feature that allows users to send group emails and text messages, Top Contacts where users can find a list with top contacts based on call history and more. Besides all of these, the app permits users to buy different things within the app, like other icon sets or a T9 text predictor. All of these things can be bought with real money or with coins that can be earned by downloading and opening apps from a particular list of applications.

All in all, Tacts was very well received by the professional community, which had only good reviews about this amazing contact management application. The app is only available for iOS devices in the following languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish, and can be bought for $0.99 from here.

Groups 2: SMS, Mail, and Manage Contacts


Groups 2: SMS, Mail, and Manage Contacts is a must-have when it comes to contact management applications because of its Mac-like interface and its ease of use. The simplicity of using this app goes beyond any other app because it has the ability just to drag and drop contacts in order to store them and reorganize the groups in order to create a bigger and more organized address book.

This application is full of features that make contact management to an upper level, like the ability to manage contact groups from a single navigation view, supporting portrait and landscape modes, multi-tasking, and even more. After creating your groups depending on your own criteria, the app allows you to send a mass email or a text message to your family, friends, or colleagues group with only a few steps.

Also, users can find useful functionality that can delete multiple contacts from the address book, merge them into a single one in Mass Select Mode (to enable this feature, just hold two fingers on a contract), add colors to different contact groups, and many more. Furthermore, users are able to attach vCards to their contacts and also to share them with somebody else. Besides the basic contact information that can be sent, you can even include their contact photo.

This amazing application has one of the most beautiful interfaces that can be found on an app of its type, thanks to its two themes and tabbed groups. If you are interested in this app, you should know that it is available only for iOS devices for the price of $4.99 and can be downloaded from iTunes.

Evernote Hello


It is a fact that remembering people that you meet on certain occasions is quite difficult for those who have lots of acquaintances and who attend many social events, so Evernote Hello is here to help you with all sorts of details about the people you shake hands with.

Evernote Hello is an amazing app that has been developed in order to help people easily remember essential info about every person they meet at a certain point in their lives, making them avoid awkward situations in which they can’t even remember the name of the person who stands in front of them.

This application is able to remember all the details of a meeting that you had, including the place you have been to, the photos that were taken at the event, or the faces of those people who were attending it. With the help of Hello Connect, you can easily connect with every person near you that uses this app so that you can exchange information in a very rapid way.

This app is exactly what you need if you can’t bear in mind details about people because it can offer you the possibility of putting together info about a specific person right from your phone calendar, address book, calls, or texts. In this way, you will have a full profile of a person in just a few seconds, and you will know exactly who you are talking to if you ran into that individual at another event.

The app is available in a couple of dozens of languages and can be used for free on an Android or iOS powered mobile device.

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