The Bucket List movie starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman was so successful that it managed to introduce a new collocation in the usual speech – a bucket list. It refers to a list of things you want to do in this life before you die. A more broad meaning is simply a wish list of things that you want to achieve in a predetermined amount of time.

So, to help you keep track easier of things you want to achieve and just to better organize your dreams, wishes and projects, we’ve decided to scout for some of the best Android and iOS bucket list apps. To a certain extent, they are similar to New Year’s resolution apps that we have featured in December.

Best bucket list apps for Android

My Bucket List (Free)my bucket list

My Bucket List app for Android smartphones and tablets lets you create a list of things to do before you die. When writing down a wish or something that you want to achieve, you will be able to label it with a due date, to file it in a category and also to change its completion status, as you move towards achieving your goal.

Bucket List (Free)

bucket listThe simply called Bucket List app will let you add new goals, delete, and add commentaries to them. There are two kind of goals inside the application – private and public. So, if you want to share your bucket list with your friends or other users, that’s possible. The app also lets you create categories and assign a different color for each of them.

Bucket List Buddy (Free)bucket list buddy

Bucket List Buddy is another Android bucket list app that will help you list all the things you want to do before you kick the bucket. The app comes with a very simple and easy to use touch interface that will let create goals and even attach photos to your entries for some extra motivation. The developer has promised that a future update will make the app optimized for Android tablets, as well.

Bucket List by Kiddobloom (Free)

bucket listo kiddoThe Bucket List app by Kiddobloom enables you to upload inspirational photo alongside your wish and it also categorizes your bucket list into Must Do and Nice to do things. Those in the Must Do list are more important and should be in your mind daily. There’s also the otpion of sharing your bucket list with your Facebook friends and also see your friends’ public bucket list.

Woovly – The BucketList app

This is the newest one in our list of Bucket List apps and possibly the most feature-rich one. It’s a neatly designed app which is a platform on its own with social networking aspect going on. It’s the one-stop destination for all travelers, adventure enthusiasts, photography lovers, fitness freaks, DIY/Hobby Artists, and Foodies.

Best bucket list apps for iOS

My Ultimate Bucket List ($2.99)my ultimate bucket list

My Ultimate Bucket List PRO for iPhone, iPod and iPad users is one of the best to choose from the iTunes Store. It comes with many useful features, such as the ability to sort your Bucket List into separate categories, create & delete categories/specific Bucket list items, set estimated completion dates, monitor and follow your progress, social media integration, optional ‘Passcode’ protection, iCloud Sync & Backup Option, set descriptions for each of your Bucket List items and many, many others.

iWish (Free)

iwishiWish is another iOS bucket list app that you need to have a look at. Recently redesigned for iOS 7, it’s a great tool to use if you want to organize your dreams and goals. Besides the wish note taking features, it also comes with more than seven hundred ideas regarding tips, travel advices and other interesting facts. The app works offline, syncs with iCloud and even lets you locate on the map certain points of interested related to your goals.

Dream It (Free)dream it

Dream It is an iOS app that wants to be your personal assistant for all of your major goals in life. The applications contains nice hand-drawn imagery which gives it a more natural feeling. Use the app to write down all the dreams that you might have and, who knows, maybe someday they’ll come true.

111 Things (Free)

111 thingsLast, but not least, the free version of 111 Things for iOS users is another bucket list app that also meets the design language of the latest iOS 7 version. Besides the usual features for writing down your goals, it also lets you export your data at any time and use it as a plain text file. That way, you can then print it and hand it over to your kids if you haven’t managed to complete some goals.

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