The cloud is one of the technologies with the fastest growth these days and we’re seeing that even giant Microsoft has appointed as the new CEO an expert in the cloud field. But it’s amazing at how many interesting cloud-related products have appeared on the market thanks to crowd-funding platforms such as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. The TraqCloud GPS tracker is a new such device useful for those who are looking to track vehicles, person or anything else for a cheap price.

This cheap GPS tracker has some features which make it similar to Truvolo, such as the ability to monitor teenage drivers in real time for speeding, but it goes beyond cars, coming with features that let it monitor the location of your kids or elder members of the family, pets, parcels, luggage and plenty others. The device was available through Kickstarter for only $19 a pop, but there was a limited quantity, and now the price has increased to $29 with a monthly $3 fee for the server use. Still, this is cheaper than many similar products on the market.


The single complaint I have right now is that it looks a little bulky and maybe it could’ve been smaller. It’s pretty big when you consider attaching it to your bag, luggage or even to your dog. But considering the price that it comes with, it all makes sense.

The device is really easy to set up, and after that you attach it onto the thing you want to track, you can then open the app on your smartphone/tablet or go to the web app from your computer to see the placement on the map. Its battery will last one day with continuous use at the fastest 10 second acquisition rate, which means with a frequent update of the position of the map. If you decrease that frequency, then the battery can last up to 2 weeks. If you’re using TraqCloud inside a vehicle, then you can plug it into the 12V outlet for recharging and increase its battery life.

This cheap GPS tracker can be used for vehicle/fleet tracking, to send you alerts when your teenage son/daughter is speeding up in the car, prevent theft of your important stuff, monitor and track kids or elders in the family, track packages or luggages, or finally, helps you with your bike or hiking trails.

TraqCloud comes with an activated (GSM) SIM card which will work in almost 200 countries. If you back them on Kickstarter, you’ll get 3 months of data service free of cost (amounting to $15). If you plan to use your own SIM card, you can instead choose their $3 monthly plan just for the cloud service. Considering the number of supported usecases, that’s still a steal of a deal. At the time of writing this article, there have been more than 150 backers who have pledged more than $5,600 out of the $45,900 funding goal.

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