One of the greatest things about owning a Macbook is that you’ll get the best of all worlds. You will not only be able to use the Mac OS X, but also install Windows 8 on another partition. This way, you will be able to switch between operating systems depending on your needs at the moment.

I often find myself in situations where certain apps won’t work on Linux as well as they do on Windows or the other way around. Sometimes they do, but they simply don’t work that well. This is why I decided to install both of them and simply choose which one is best for the tasks I have to do at that given time.

You can do the same with your Mac just by using the instructions below. The central idea in both cases has to do with creating a new partition and installing the other OS on that specific partition. However, the steps you need to follow are a little bit different depending on whether you want to install Windows 8 or OS X Yosemite. For this reason, we’re going to start with the first one, and then move on to the necessary steps for the other.

dual boot windows on mac

Dual booting Windows 8 on your Mac

Windows is very easy to run on Mac because it requires one important feature – Bootcamp – and this one is built into the OS X operating system. The first thing to do before you get started is to buy a Windows license, and then follow the steps indicated below.

Step 1: Download the Windows 8 and Save it on a USB Drive

Before you install the necessary program, you will need to have the Windows 8 kit. You can easily download Windows 8 ISO from the internet and make sure that you purchase a license, so you don’t get in trouble later on.

Step 2: Open BootCamp


Another important aspect is BootCamp. You will need to go to the Applications folder on your desktop, and then click on Utilities. Once you’re in there, you should be able to find an icon corresponding to BootCamp – double click on that to launch the assistant.

Step 3: Create a new Partition

The reason why you need to use BootCamp is to create a new partition. The only way for you to boot Windows on this computer is by installing this operating system on the partition that we were talking about. Therefore, you will need to set the size at 16 GB so that you have enough space for the OS and click on the button saying Partition. The Mac will then restart.

Step 4: Install Windows 8

When the computer begins restarting, you have to insert the USB stick or DVD where you downloaded the executable. By running the installation process for Windows 8, you will have the option of choosing which partition you want it to be installed on – choose the BootCamp one.

Step 5: Use the Partition

Once you choose your partition, you will need to click on Drive Options and select Format. This will prompt the installation, and your computer will let you know when it’s done. You will then have to remove the USB drive and start using the partition that has Windows 8 installed on it.

Any time you turn the Mac on from now on, you will have the option of booting into Windows. You simply need to hold down the Option key, and then select your prefer operating system. This is the easiest ways to dual boot Windows on a Macbook, and it can be done in less than an hour.

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