Google is always interested in improving the security of its products and now it has made a minor, but important addition to its Devices & activity dashboard. Google has updated its Devices and Activity dashboard with new features that give users additional insight over the devices accessing their Google account.

google devices activity security

The page now shows a comprehensive view of all devices that have been active on an account in the last 28 days, or are currently signed in. You can also the city and the country from where the Google account is being accessed. So, in case any suspicious activity is noticed, there’s a setting that allows to take the right steps to secure an account and change a password. The above screenshot shows how my current dashboard looks like.

Albeit this feature is aimed at IT managers and administrators, it can be used by anybody else who is concerned about their security. For example, I store a lot of important stuff on my Gmail account, so this new feature is definitely useful for folks like me who end up using the Google account on several devices every month as part of reviewing, and possibly forget to reset while returning. However, if you ask me, it would become much more useful if there could be a way to get automatic alerts (and if there’s one, do let me know how to enable it).

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