The Sunrise Calendar app is very popular among iOS users, and it is enjoying the same success in the Android world, as well. The popular app has now added a new feature which is going to make it even more popular – the Meet keyboard now lets you quickly and easily schedule one-on-one meetings using only the keyboard of your iPhone or your Android smartphone.

sunrise meet feature

Sunrise is considered by many to be the best calendar app out there, which is probably why Microsoft bought it back in February. And now we’re witnessing the first ever update of the Microsoft-owned company. Meet will work from any Android or iPhone app and it’s really easy to set up, as you can see in the video from below. You just need to pick the times that work for you, send an invite and the just wait for the other person to pick their favorite time for your one-to-one meeting.

The app makes it really easy to see when you’re available right from your keyboard, letting you select open time slots for your invitee to choose from. After that, the time picked by your invitee is automatically added to both your calendars, and that’s it. This is incredibly simple and ingenious, and I’m sure many will find this new feature extremely useful. It removes a lot of unnecessary tasks and cuts right to what you need the most.

What’s really nice is that anyone with the link to your Meet can choose a time, and they don’t even have to use the Sunrise app for that. This new feature isn’t exactly Microsoft’s effect, as it seems that the team has been working for quite a while on it:

This is an exciting day for all of us out there who schedule meetings. We think we might have finally found a solution to avoid spending more time scheduling a coffee than actually drinking coffee. After more than a year of hard-work, we’re super thrilled to introduce Meet, the fastest way to schedule one-to-ones with Sunrise.

Go ahead and check out the updated Sunrise app for iPhone and Android users and give it a go, because the app is completely free, with no other inside-app purchases. Since the app is owned by Microsoft, who knows, maybe the company will introduce its features by default in Windows OS or it can just as easily keep the app independent.

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