What a day it has been for Lenovo so far. The Chinese technology conglomerate announced a new interesting laptop that features a 3D camera, the second-generation 2-in-1 ThinkPad 10, and its first media casting device. But the company didn’t stop there. It is also giving us a sneak peek at the crazy innovating things it has been working on.

lenovo projector phone smart case

Meet Smart Case, the world’s first laser projection smartphone. We’ve seen a handful of smartphones with a tiny projector before, but the Smart Case is different. It comes with a built-in Pico projector and a gesture-based control system along with a kick-stand which allow it to transform any surface it projects content to into a smart display.

The company demonstrated the gesture-based capability of the Smart Case at its ongoing Tech World event. The projected surface allows one to manipulate with the content by using a virtual keyboard. The Smart Case incorporates a built-in rotating projector system which, as the company notes, allows users to project movies, shows, or even a video game onto any plane surface.

At the event, the company also demonstrated a new concept for a smartwatch. The Magic View watch from the company addresses the small screen size issue in smartwatches. The Magic View features two screens, wherein the first screen is the primary display and a second screen which acts as a virtual interactive image.

lenovo magic view

It sort of tries to remove the limitations of the main screen — which can’t display things large enough — by using optical reflections to produce a virtual image 20 times larger than the watch face.

The Magic View, as we mentioned above is only a concept for now, but the Smart Case smartphone could see the light of day soon. The company, however, doesn’t have a timeframe to tell us how soon we can purchase it from our local retail shops.

Disclosure: The editor of this blog was flown in by Lenovo to Beijing to cover the Lenovo TechWorld event.

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