We have been talking about how Internet of Things will soon be changing our lives completely and will help us build smarter homes and interconnected devices that have a brain of their own. Silk Labs in a bid to take the smart home ecosystem a step further has introduced Sense, a secure Hub for controlling the things at your home. Silk Labs comes with a strong background as it is founded by former Mozilla CTO Andreas Gal, who was also responsible for the Firefox OS.


Now unlike other devices, Sense seems to employ machine learning to decide on its action and also learn the preferences of the family members. Launched at Kickstarter, Sense acts like the Brain of the interconnected things, quite literally. Sense will be able to pair up with most of the devices including Philips Hue, LIFX, Nest and Sonos. It is very likely that the interface for more devices will be developed soon.

So here are the things that Sense will help you do – it connects with smart home devices, knows who is home and sets the preferences accordingly, lets you keep an eye on your house remotely, keeps an eye on the pets and will also let you add custom experiences. The silver lining of this device is definitely the fact that it employs machine learning, which will help it become better every day.

Another aspect of Sense that the Silk labs are touting is the very fact that it stores the data locally, thus indirectly equating it with the security concerns with data on cloud. The end product of processing is always sent to a server in an encrypted format with the key in the device thus ensuring that the hackers can’t lay their hands on your personal stuff even if they break through the servers. Further, the facial recognition on the sense means that whenever you enter the home it will play your favourite track on Sonos and light up the room to suit the tastes.

The security cameras are also seemingly smart, instead of spooling over recordings every time a moment is detected, it will be able to sense if something is really wrong and will beam an alert. SilkLabs are readying an SDK for developers which would let them to foster the ecosystem and allow developers to extend the functionality of Sense. The project can be backed on the KickStarter by pledging a minimum of $249 and the product comes with an expected shipping date of December 2016.

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