It seems that smartphones are not the only things embracing modular approach. Youmo is a smart modular powerstrip that lets you build your own powerstrip as per your usage patterns. Powerstrips are increasingly becoming a very important part of life, with the number of gadgets and accessories we carry increasing each and every day, it only becomes essential for us to have a power strip handy. The Power strips are also one of the quintessential accessories that you should compulsorily make space for in the travel bag.


Youmo seems to be designed to take the utility a notch further and as a result it also boasts of wireless charging, IoT capabilities, multi-USB ports, US and EU sockets in the same unit. The Youmo kit comes with seven base cord colours and three different lengths. The modules come in Solo and Triple Plug, these are the ones aimed at handling the usual electrical needs.

Now here is the best part, the Snap module is something that we add to control all our plugged in devices and this can be done by a companion app on the phone. The app would also beam you with updates about the devices and will also warn you if you leave a table lamp or an Iron box switched on. If you need additional functions, all you need to do is add the relevant modules.


The Youmo power strip will be more compact than a usual one since you need to carry only the modules that you will be using. The project is already on Kickstarter but the delivery dates are set at Feb 2017. We would also suggest you to have a look at Donut a compact and universal powerstrip that we featured on TechPP some time ago. If you are interested in this modular powerstrip, the pledges start from €69 and goes all the way to €5000.

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