I have been using HP products from quite some time and although they have a design language of their own i would presumably refrain from calling any of its products even borderline Sexy. Now it seems that HP wants to change the perception and the result of which is a Spectre 13, the sleekest and boldest laptop design the world has to offer.


When we speak about laptops we usually jump of to the specifications, but the Spectre begs to differ, rightly so. The Laptop looks like it was stolen from a Billionaires wardrobe and the elegance it carries is just mind numbing. HP Spectre 13.3 is a 2.45-pound of artistry on Carbon Fibre. The metal accents and the black aesthetics scream regality.


Unlike the recent deluge of hybrids, the Spectre is not a detachable, doesn’t come with a touch screen either yet all it does it strives to be the best looking laptop and it succeeds. The Spectre 13.3 is thin at 10.4mm and the 13.3-inch 1080p display seems to go with the flow. Before we move ahead lets also realize that the Spectre is the thinnest laptop on the planet Earth. The machine is powered by a Core i5 processor paired with an 8GB of RAM and is expected to be launched in two editions, one designed by the famous product designer Tord Boontje and another by the jewellery designer Jess Hannah, take your pick.


The laptop also manages to impress on the audio front with the Bang & Olufsen setup, a tad too much of excellence! Unlike other gadgets the Spectre was not showcased in CES or any other Tech events instead it found itself an audience at New York Times International Luxury Conference. You might be thinking I am going over the board and taking a liking for this laptop, no i am not and let me tell you why.

Luxury editions of gadgets have always been perceived (at least by me) as gadgets with rich exoskeleton, poor specifications and use case, this is what HP has set to change with the Spectre. If you cannot afford Prada, Armani fret not the Spectre will make up for it and before you feel it will render you homeless, here is what it costs $1,169!

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