Gestures are great; they can be used to quickly fire up a particular event without actually interacting with your device and performing that action manually. Unfortunately, not every manufacturer implements this functionality; some of which do, like Motorola, proudly flaunt them as one of the key selling points. Frankly, they stand quite true there; if you’ve ever used any recent Moto handset, you know how useful the “twist to launch camera” or “chop to turn on the flashlight” is. Thankfully, there’s an Android app for that now which lets you easily define gestures on any Android phone, and while there are tons of options, “Gravity Gestures” specifically gets the job done flawlessly.


Gravity Gestures is a free 2MB utility (yes, just TWO MB) on the play store that makes use of the accelerometer and gyroscope (your phone MUST have both of those sensors) for interpreting four basic gestures like shake or chop and based on that, you can assign different tasks to them. The main focus here remains on the simplicity it brings to the table, the material-themed interface has been kept minimal, and the app doesn’t complicate the setup process, unlike other similar titles. The four gestures can be used offscreen, and there’s a wide variety of tasks available for you to link, including settings toggle, opening an app or calling someone.

Boot up the app after installing it, and a little tutorial will familiarize you with every gesture through animations. If you’re still confused about them, watch the video attached at the end of this article. To make them work while the screen is turned off, you need to cover the proximity sensor for a second and perform the desired gesture to get it working offscreen.


Past the initialization, the app will take you to an empty page holding a floating button on the bottom right and a red switch on the top; turn it on to activate gestures. Now, to allocate actions, hit the plus button and select the gesture. You can then choose a particular task from the list, and you’re done. For deleting a function, swipe right or left on the entry. The delay between recognizing and executing a gesture is almost negligible. However, you can tune the sensitivity levels from the settings. Additionally, the screen off feature should work typically, although, in case it doesn’t, make sure it is turned on on the settings page.


Gravity gestures is a must-have tool if you quickly need to perform a task. I mostly use it to launch the camera app. There are some advanced options present in the store, like GMD Gesture Control but they do require root access. That was all. Go ahead and give it a shot. Let us know if you’re stuck at some step.

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