Google Maps has been the gold standard to plan trips for years now, however, unlike the desktop interface, their mobile applications lacked the ability to specify multiple destinations. The feature, fortunately, has finally arrived for Android through a server-side switch on the latest version 9.31.


Hence, from now on, users will be able to set multiple stops fabricating a much convenient route. Once the traveller reaches a particular spot, Maps will automatically commence guiding them to the next one and additionally, figure out a suitable track keeping all the stations in mind. Currently, there seems to be no limit on how many spots you’ll be able to input and when the addition will roll out to everyone. iOS availability is also uncertain as of now. You will need to be on v9.31 though. To know whether you received it, look for a tiny plus icon underneath the directions field in Maps. Tap that to add more destinations to your trip, it can be a little buggy, though.


Support for multi-waypoint directions is definitely a welcome inclusion on mobile and has been long due since the company introduced it on the desktop. This will also let you edit the calculated path as you can manually mention a particular location for modification. Moreover, Google Maps recently gained the ability to locate amenities like Gas stations or restaurants while the app is navigating. In case you need to travel via multiple destinations, you can copy the entire URL after searching the required criteria on the Google Maps website and open it on mobile. It works just as you would expect, however, you can’t further customize it. We’re quite sure it won’t take long now for the update to reach the masses. There’s also an open beta testing program for users who’re curious to see what Google has been experimenting with.

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