WhatsApp has become an integral part of our lives just like how SMS was a decade ago. We have been seeing tons of new apps which let you add some extra features to the WhatsApp and the Scheduler is one such app. As one might deduce from its name it is a simple yet effective way of scheduling your WhatsApp messages.


If you are notorious for missing important stuff like wishing your friends on their Birthdays or reminding your colleagues about the super important meeting then this is indeed a handy app.  One can also schedule it to send WhatsApp reminders for their loved ones to take medicine on time. Scheduler for WhatsApp is available on the Google Playstore and once installed you need to go through a bunch of basic settings, additionally if your phone runs on Android Marshmallow as the user you need to give the necessary permission.

WhatsApp Scheduler requires the accessibility access and this is something you can grant by going to the Settings menu. Go to Settings>Acessibility>WhatsApp Scheduler>Switch on.

The Schedule feature is well laid out, it lets you select the recipients, time, frequency of the messages and a field for you to enter the text. Sent messages are added to the usual thread. Once scheduled users can also delete the message. Unlike some of the other WhatsApp scheduler, this one doesn’t require root access. I tried scheduling a message and it wasn’t sent as scheduled. Only later did I realize the need to keep my phone unlocked in order to let the app send the WhatsApp messages. Additionally, the app also didn’t let me schedule a message on the same day and instead asked me to choose a “future date”. The bottom line is that the app works as claimed (barring a few small bugs here and there) and is probably the only WhatsApp scheduler in Android Playstore that doesn’t require a root access and works fine. I tried out the other Scheduler apps in the Playstore like this one and none of them worked as expected.



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