Google’s native travel planner already had a vast variety of ways for checking flights’ prices and their variations depending on the period. However, today, Google is taking it a step further by adding a dedicated feature for tracking fares of a particular journey and time.


Google Flights, can now alert you when prices for a flight are expected to go uphill. Furthermore, the web app will show how much precisely you’ll save at the moment and in case you haven’t selected a specific time period, Google will intuitively recommend those based on when can you get the cheapest. There’s also a new notification bar which will display tips such as if you modify the dates by a day, you can save “X amount or book alternate airports in the city to get a discount. Additionally, you can enable a switch if you would like to receive emails from Google for tracking prices. These features are already live on the website.


There’s also a separate section for your previously tracked prices on the mobile located under the left navigation drawer. Google has added an entirely new interface for quickly looking at itineraries, their expected costs, and more.


In addition to these updates, Google is also adding a couple of new changes to Hotel searches. You can enable a toggle for a “deals” feature in order to see listings which are offering discounts at a particular time. Moreover, it also alerts about savings that are available to loyalty members on the hotel’s website.

With these features, Google is definitely eyeing major source of traffic for businesses like Hooper. While third-party platforms are offering more advanced tools for travelers, Google’s offering is definitely the most flexible and accessible. From the past couple of years, Google is moving beyond just being a search engine and has been adding features in the search results, something that might eventually eat into third party providers revenue.

Google has been adding a ton of essential features to its travel suite lately, they recently launched a standalone app for active travelers, Google Trips that allowed users to create a custom itinerary and download them for offline usage. They also have a comprehensive platform built right into the search for browsing places and their various characteristics. Updates to Google Flights couldn’t come at a better time as people begin planning their trips for the holiday season.

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