Looking up car details based on a registration number isn’t as complicated as before. You can send a simple text message and get the required information in a matter of seconds, or you can try out a new app by RTO (Regional Transport Office) India that lets anyone instantly search for a car’s details from their registration number.


The app is unintuitively called “Car Info Vehicle Registration,” and it’s available on both the Google play store and the iOS app store. By inputting just the registration number of any Indian vehicle, you can get its various official data such as owner’s name, registration date, vehicle age, vehicle maker, registration authority, fuel type, even the engine number, and the chassis code.

The interface is quite straightforward; on the main page, you get a single text box where you have to type in the registration number. On the bottom and from the left navigation drawer, you can also take a look at some of your previous searches. Hit the little search button, and if matched, the app will present you with a neatly organized list containing the details.


On iOS, there are a couple more features – First is 3D touch support, so you can initiate a search without opening the app or previewing the recent ones. Additionally, there’s also a widget where you can directly glance at your previous searches if you want to for some reason. This app also raises severe concerns about the privacy of the vehicle owner; for instance, details like the Chassis number and the Engine number in cars are akin to IMEI in phones, both the details can be used for fraudulent purposes.

The Car Info is available for free on both iOS and Android application stores, so go ahead and download it. If you ever want to file a complaint against a car or just look up information about some vehicle parked outside your house for days, well, now you have a better and hassle-free way to do that.

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