Fitbit, along with the Ionic smartwatch, is also introducing the second-generation smart weighing scale – Aria 2 and a completely new fitness headphones lineup called “Fitbit Flyer”. Both of these products will be available to pre-order starting today on Fitbit’s website and are expected to hit the stores later this year.

fitbit unveils the second-generation aria weighing scale and sweatproof wireless earphones - fitbit aria 2

The new Fitbit Aria 2 simplifies the setup process and improves the accuracy of the existing Aria. It still connects to the Fitbit app on your phone for syncing data and logging your weight. The design has been toned down for a more sleeker aesthetic and it now comes with a bright display for showing you the stats and greetings for times when you need the motivation.

Moreover, the Aria 2 can recognize up to eight different users and is capable of syncing their data with their individual smartwatches, fitness bands. The Fitbit app will now also assist you in creating goals via a step-by-step process which will be based on your history and health. The smart scale is priced at $129.95.

fitbit unveils the second-generation aria weighing scale and sweatproof wireless earphones - 1 fitbit ionic fitbit flyer family

Moving on, the new Fitbit Flyer is a wireless headphone that is made to function during intense workout sessions featuring a durable, and sweat, rain and dust proof design. It employs the Waves MaxxAudio technology which powers Flyer’s Power Boost setting for amplifying the bass. Moreover, the headset includes AAC wireless codec and Passive Noise Isolation for blocking off any external noise.

Fitbit Flyer can connect two Bluetooth devices at once letting you to quickly switch between them and carries a 3-button control box for managing the playback. Furthermore, a dual-microphone setup ensures crisp phone calls. Fitbit Flyer will retail for a hefty sum of $129.95. You can get it in two color options – lunar gray or nightfall blue.

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