Gadgets in general and smartphones, in particular, have become such an integrated part of our lives. So much so that we bring them with us to the bed, to the restroom and god forbid, some people are found taking selfies when they’ve had heart attacks! That kind of craziness is bad. That is not what we will talk today, instead, we will talk about the good kind of craziness – accessories. Rudimentary you’d say? Well not if you are into “customizing” them according to your tastes! From phone cases with one’s name engraved to matching cables for the phones, we have seen it all.

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Speaking of the latter, cables are the most utilized accessories of a smartphone as they are a must-have for charging purposes. And sadly, they’re the most carelessly handled pieces that go with our phones. That is why reinforced cables are getting popular. But what if these cables too were colorful and carried prints on their parts? Wouldn’t that turn them into cool stuff? Stuffcool is a company that does just that.

Most of us are suckers for superheroes, the ones from Marvel in particular. With an official partnership with Marvel, Stuffcool has licensed out content for characters from the Avengers team – Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and such. The cables are nothing short of a piece of well-crafted art!

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What we have with us are the Iron Man and the Hulk micro USB cables, both 1 meter long. Look at the Iron Man cable for instance – the nylon reinforcement is red, and the two ends of the cables have prints of Avengers logo and Iron Man’s logo that gives the cable a nice touch. Same with the Hulk cable that goes green and his logos at the ends. The micro USB end had a snug fit with many phones we tried – Moto G5 Plus, Vivo V7 Plus, Honor 7, Samsung S7 to name a few. The cables can be bent and straightened to suit our needs while charging and placing in our bags and seem to be very strong.

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Each of these cables come with their own custom zip cases! Circular in shape and slightly water repellent, these are something really cool that carries a hook, that can be used to hang them somewhere – on your backpacks, on your desks and so on. That way you always know where to find the cable, which usually goes missing.

If the casing wasn’t enough, they come in a tin can (retro style!) with the prints of the respective characters. I am a sucker for Iron Man and usually have his wallpaper on my phone. And have a range of Avenger tees. And for a person like me, these cables mean a lot! The sentiment towards the superheroes flows through different things I carry and take along with me. The case and the tin became a part of my workbench, and it did attract attention from people who walked around.

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Some people usually hesitate to go with a third-party charging cable in fear of compatibility, speed or security. Stuffcool claims that their cables are constructed to ensure fast charging and steadfast syncing of data

These cables don’t come cheap – Rs 699 is what they cost (on sale right now for Rs 599). There are USB type-C cables as well which cost Rs 799. And not everyone will get this. There are of course cheap knock-offs that are sold in the market, but the prints wither off very soon. For a die-hard Avengers fan such as me, is whom Stuffcool has targeted this, and they are of high quality that will last long for sure. I’ve used few Stuffcool cases for phones such as Motorola, Zenfone and iPhone in my family and can speak from experience. If you’re looking for high range official Marvel merchandise, then this is it – cables who strength are a representation of the superheroes they represent!

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