Android launchers have grown a lot in the recent years. They have evolved from being merely a geek’s paradise to a tool which can dramatically uplift the experience your OEM shipped with the phone. However, this shift has also spawned oodles of new remarkable options to choose from. While these improvements are certainly welcomed, it consequently has also created a problem for someone looking for a new launcher. Therefore, in this article, we try to decipher the target audience for each app and tell you which one suits your needs the best.

For Beginners and the one that Just Works – Evie Launcher

which android launcher is best for you - evie launcher screenshots

Evie launcher has consistently remained my go-to recommendation for anyone in search of a new launcher. Its biggest highlight is the in-house universal search bar that essentially tries to replicate iOS’ Spotlight on Android. The feature functions surprisingly well and is, by default, a ‘swipe down’ away from being triggered. “By Default” is, in fact, the key to Evie launcher’s success.

The app doesn’t need any additional tweaking unless you want to alter a specific element. You can comfortably live with it without ever jumping into the settings. As a result, Evie launcher is also the least complicated in this list and perfect for beginners. The developers have kept performance at the heart of this app which shows in regular use. If your phone is struggling to keep up with your pace, this might be your best bet. There are a range of customization options available if you need them such as custom icon packs, gestures, and more.

In addition to that, Evie launcher is entirely free of cost with zero in-app purchases. You can download it from the link below and read this article to know more about it.

Evie Launcher on Google Play Store

For the Geeks and Customization Freaks – Nova Launcher

which android launcher is best for you - nova launcher screenshots

Six years after its official introduction, Nova Launcher continues to outpace every other launcher with its unprecedented and exhaustive customization abilities. Time and again, Nova launcher has proved that none of these newcomers can trump its expertise in the field and deviate the millions of users it services. Nova launcher can be termed as the complete package with every feature you would want.

That being said, it’s not for everyone. Even after all these years, Nova launcher still is not a suitable option for a novice and can prove to be a bit daunting if you don’t know where to start. Its developers did add a bunch of initialization steps for easing the user in. For people who are familiar with it or looking for an ultimate set of personalization catalog, Nova launcher is an endless rapture of discovery. Once you’ve mastered it, you can tweak every single aspect of it and fabricate the aesthetic of your dreams. Here is our detailed guide to get the best out of Nova Launcher.

Nova launcher is not entirely free, however. For a few extra features, you’ll have to opt for the Rs 99 Prime package which I feel is certainly worth it.

Nova Launcher on Google Play Store

The Sweet Spot – Action Launcher

Action Launcher is another iconic app and excels at balancing the best of both worlds. It comes with a plethora of settings for you to tweak and yet, doesn’t feel too intimidating. Action Launcher is known for its unique tidbits, most of which others have been unable to recreate. One of my favorites is something called “Quickdrawer” that places the app drawer on the left edge instead of the usual bottom location.

Then there’s “Quicktheme” which automatically revamps the interface’s various elements based on the wallpaper. Moreover, you can house all of your widgets in a scrollable pane that can be accessed by simply swiping from the right edge. All of this may sound a tad overwhelming. However, these features won’t come in your way if you want to use Action launcher normally. Throughout your time with it, you’ll gradually discover them and eventually, become familiar. The dearth of a universal search is a deal breaker but I installed a free app called “Fast Finder” and configured it to the swipe down gesture.

The majority of Action launcher features, unfortunately, are not free. The ‘Plus’ upgrade costs upwards of Rs 300 which is a bit on the expensive side, yes. I personally use Action launcher as my primary launcher right now and my recommendation to you, if you’re hesitant of investing, would be to first try out the other launchers I’ve mentioned in the list and then move on to purchasing Action launcher if things don’t work out. If you do decide to pay for it, you definitely won’t regret it, though.

Action Launcher on Google Play Store

The One That Stands Out – Microsoft Launcher

which android launcher is best for you - microsoft launcher screenshots

This might come as a surprise to the uninitiated. Yes, Microsoft has an Android launcher. And no, it’s not a total dud. It’s unintuitively titled “Microsoft Launcher” but there’s where all the banality ends.

Microsoft’s offering in this league is, in fact, one of the interesting, unorthodox launchers you can install. Microsoft launcher does a lot of things differently and most of them work in favor of the app. For starters, it comes with a custom designed feed which shows you quick bits of information such as news, weather, shortcuts to frequently contacted people, apps, recent pictures, and more. If you have a Microsoft account, it can also sync your calendar, tasks, what have you.

Furthermore, there’s an option called “Continue on PC” that lets you forward data like images, clipboard to your Windows computer in a jiffy. In addition to these, Microsoft launcher also features themes, a powerful search bar, and Bing wallpapers which can be configured to update daily or in a few hours.

More importantly, Microsoft launcher is completely free and doesn’t come with any additional baggage unlike Action and Nova Launcher. I personally am not a user of Microsoft launcher because of the fact that you can’t achieve a stock appearance.

Microsoft Launcher on Google Play Store

That was it for this article. We hope you are in a better position to understand which launcher to go for now. In case we missed a good one or you’ve any doubts, let us know in the comments section down below.

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