The rise of edge-to-edge screens is gradually making a series of existing features obsolete. Fingerprint sensors, physical home buttons, and those black bezels themselves. However, it seems like companies will be soon doing away with yet another familiar feature — on-screen navigation keys. The trend was kicked off by Apple with its iPhone X and now, OnePlus has brought a similar system on its flagship 5T as well. Therefore, in this article, we will walk you through how you can get these gestures on any Android phone.

For adding a gesture-based navigation system on your Android phone, you’ll need to install an app called “Home Bar Gestures”. It’s mostly free of cost with in-app advertisements. But since you won’t be opening the application after the first boot, they won’t bother you.

how to get iphone x and oneplus 5t like navigation gestures on any android phone - home bar gestures screenshots

Get iPhone X and OnePlus 5T like Navigation Gestures on Any Android Phone

  • Next, once the app is done installing, fire it up and grant the necessary accessibility permissions.
  • Now, enable the first switch on the top which says “service is closed”.
  • For replicating the setup OnePlus and Apple have implemented, you’ll need to manually configure a few settings.
  • To begin with, make sure “Swipe up” is set to the home action.
  • Next, scroll down to the “Long swipe” section and link the “Long swipe up” gesture to the “Recent action”.
  • Lastly, configure the back action with both the “Swipe left” and “Swift right” gestures.

“Home Bar Gestures”, by default, adds an iPhone X-like indicator as well. Fortunately, you can easily disable it. Scroll down to the bottom of the app and enable the “Make Invisible” setting. In addition to that, I would suggest extending the Width to 100% as well for better accuracy. That’s about it. Now you can navigate around the software with the help of a bunch of gestures.

Do note, however, that this workaround won’t replace the existing software buttons if your OEM doesn’t allow it in the settings. A few of them such as Motorola, Honor offer something called “one-key navigation” through which you can get rid of the bar as well.

That’s it for this quick guide, let us know in the comment section if you’re stuck at some step.

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