Smartphone cameras have definitely dealt the death blow to the point and shoot cameras. Flagship smartphones from Samsung, Apple, Google and others are in fact proving to be a rather “handy” alternative to the DSLR cameras. In the recent past, reports from agencies like DxO mark have been rating/ranking the smartphone camera so that the consumers can get better insights. The latest report comes from “Consumer Reports” and ranks the top 10 camera smartphones.

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The Consumer Reports has published a list of best smartphone cameras. The new list includes all the latest smartphones that have been released until now. The report clearly states that the criterion for testing extends to resolution, dynamic range, color accuracy, and visual noise. It further established that all the 10 devices that were enrolled in the test did well in still-image quality tests, however, the test is all about picking the best.

The reports have put iPhone X and the iPhone 8 at the top. This is followed by the larger iPhone 8 Plus in the third place. In a nutshell, all the three new iPhones figure out in the top three places when it comes to camera performance. The fourth rank is conferred to the Samsung Galaxy S8+. Surprisingly the previous generation iPhone 7 still figures out in the fifth place followed by a much older iPhone 6s Plus. That being said the iPhone 7 Plus is 9th on the list. It makes me wonder why all the iPhone “Plus” variants are ranked worse than the single-camera iPhone variants. Here is the list of best smartphone camera,

1. Apple iPhone X

2. Apple iPhone 8

3. Apple iPhone 8 Plus

4. Samsung Galaxy S8+

5. Apple iPhone 7

6. Apple iPhone 6s Plus

7. Samsung Galaxy S8

8. Samsung Galaxy Note8

9. Apple iPhone 7 Plus

10. Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

When it comes to video, the Consumer Reports found the iPhone X and the iPhone 8 to be “excellent” while the iPhone 8 Plus was found to be “very good.” As I exclaimed earlier the report doesn’t mention the exact reason why the iPhone single camera variants fared better than the Plus editions. It might be unsettling for few of us to see that the Google Pixel 2 and the Google Pixel 2 XL is missing from the list. Both the smartphones have received raving reviews when it comes to camera performance. On a related note, the DxO mark ranks the Pixel 2 as the best performing smartphone camera.

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