It’s not been even a month since Xiaomi kicked off its journey into the Indian television market with the launch of the Mi TV 4 and we already have two more variants. The new Mi TV 4A 43-inch and 32-inch come with all the smart bells and whistles of their larger sibling but are priced well below it. So what are you missing out on?

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Before diving into the differences, let’s quickly walk through what remains consistent among these three variants. For starters, all of them are powered by the same Android-based PatchWall software which comes integrated with a multitude of entertainment services such as Voot, Hungama Play, and more. In addition to that, each of them is compatible with Xiaomi’s intuitive way to bring cable and cloud content on a common platform.

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Xiaomi has also bundled the same 11-button remote (although, you can also just use your phone) with every one of them. The other spec which remains identical across the lineup is the onboard storage — 8GB. The Mi TV 4 also has the same number of HDMI ports as compared to both the Mi TV 4A variants. So, what’s different?

The Price

The cost, of course, is the most significant differentiator among the three. Each of them sits in a disparate price range. The Mi TV 4 55-inch comes at Rs 39,999, the Mi TV 4A 43-inch costs Rs 22,999, and the Mi TV 4A 32-Inch is priced at an economical sum of Rs 13,999.

The Display

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Apart from the sizes, the screen varies with resolution as well on all the three. The Mi TV 4 55-inch has a 4K panel, the Mi TV 4A 43-inch features a Full HD one, and the Mi TV 4A 32-inch comes with a 720p (1366 x 768 pixels) display. In addition to that, only the Mi TV 4 can stream content in HDR, while the others can not. The bezels on the Mi TV 4 are also remarkably thinner than the rest at merely 4.9mm.

Despite what you would expect, the Mi TV 4A series is theoretically brighter since it employs a direct-lit screen instead of the edge-lit one on the Mi TV 4. Xiaomi acknowledges this by mentioning the displays on both the Mi TV 4A variants as “Ultra-Light”, a detail missing from the Mi TV 4 listing.


Being the largest, the Mi TV 4 is also substantially heavier than the rest. It weighs 17.2kg (17.8kg with stand), while the Mi TV 4A 43-inch weighs 7.37kg (7.43kg with stand) and the 32-inch variant clocks in at just 3.855kg (3.9kg with stand).


You also have a marginally more powerful set of specifications on the Mi TV 4. It runs on an Amlogic Cortex A53 quad-core processor clocked at 1.8GHz, 2GB DDR4 RAM while both the Mi TV 4A have an Amlogic Cortex A53 quad-core chipset at 1.5GHz coupled with 1GB RAM. Furthermore, the Mi TV 4 is powered by the Mali-T830 MP2 GPU, whereas the Mi TV 4A has a Mali-450 MP3 GPU.


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You would think the Mi TV 4 will have an edge here but surprisingly, it doesn’t. The Mi TV 4A 43-inch has one extra USB port than the Mi TV 4 which, if you forgot, is almost Rs 15,000 pricier. It is worth mentioning that one of the USB ports on the Mi TV 4 is USB 3.0.


The other baffling aspect of this series is that the Mi TV 4A (2 x 10W) has a better set of speakers than the Mi TV 4 (2 x 8W).

So that was a quick overview of the differences among the three Mi TV variants Xiaomi has launched in India. Do let us know in the comments section which one are you planning to buy.

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