We have all been writing an email for years, and most of us know our way around one. However, sometimes we just get stuck and struggle to find the opening lines of the email. What’s worse is staring at the screen for eternity and yet remaining clueless. Well, the technology has evolved to such an extent that your machine will help you in writing an email. Plus, if you are a lazy dude, then this tool is your best bet at staying lazy and letting the extension do the work.

easyemail extension

EasyEmail is an extension that is aimed at helping people write emails. All one needs to do is install the extension and then give the required permission to EasyEmail. If you are one of those who are paranoid about security (not necessarily a bad thing), then it is better you don’t use such extensions. That being said, the company reassures that all of the data is encrypted and stored on Amazon Web Servers. Once installed, EasyEmail will pick cues from your writing style and will inculcate the same in its autosuggest-like feature.

EasyEmail Vs Google Smart Reply

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Google has also launched a similar feature called “Smart Reply.” You can check out our review here. That said, Smart Reply is currently available only for Android and iOS, while EasyEmail can be had across different platforms, including Windows and macOS. After testing out the EasyEmail for a while, it felt like a superlative option as opposed to the Smart Reply. The best part of it all is that EasyEmail learns your writing habits pretty fast, and thus, the reply ends up looking natural.

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Firing it up

easyemail is an ai backed chrome extension that offers automatic replies on gmail - easy email e1520621374754

Using EasyEmail is pretty straightforward. All one needs to do is click on the plus icon in order to add suggestions. It will store all the paragraphs or sentences that you use frequently. I liked the “Add Suggestions” feature, which allows me to add certain hotkey phrases and use the same as a text expander.

That said, the app failed to impress when it came to replying to an email. Perhaps I need to use it for a longer time so that AI will better its prediction. In a nutshell, EasyEmail is a nifty extension that helps you reply to emails in a jiffy.

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