All of us hate alarms, don’t we? While they do the best job in the world by getting us up on time, but there are instances when we can’t help but to hate them. There are instances when you wish the Alarms were ‘smarter’ and bothered to get the context before they go off. Well, in this post, we are going to have a look at the select few location-based Alarm apps.

I remember missing my stop when traveling back home by train in Chennai because I used to fall asleep. The last station was the place I would get up. Annoyingly, that used to happen at least twice a month. If you are in a similar scenario, I am going to share about Location Based Alarm Apps, which will wake you just when you are about to reach your destination.

How do Location Based Alarm Apps work?

These apps let you set a location where you want the alarm to wake you up. Once you set the location, you can set a perimeter. Understand this like a distance from your destination, and as soon as you get into the perimeter, the alarm will ring.

Location Based Alarm Apps for Android

Location Alarm

the best location-based alarm apps for android and ios - location alarm app

In case you are looking for something simple and straightforward, this is just for you. This app straightforwardly offers a map and lets you mark places and create alarms out of them. You can search for an address as well. You only get basic customization, and it applies to all the alarms. You can set common ringtone, sound, vibrate options, and the same set of geofencing for all the alarms.


Alarm Me

the best location-based alarm apps for android and ios - alarm me location based alarm clock

  • Multiple ways to get notified. If you want it on your earphone, you can choose so. It’s a good option if you don’t want to draw attention from other commuters.
  • Choose the Ringtone of your choice and volume level.
  • You can access alarm controls via the lock screen and notification bar.
  • Send text messages when you get close to a location.
  • Built-in smart notification for lost/weak signal
  • Night mode.


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Task Nearby: Location Reminder

the best location-based alarm apps for android and ios - task near by location alarm clock

Not really an Alarm app, but then it does the job. The app is oriented towards task reminders based on location. So if you are in a place, and you keep forgetting stuff to buy, it can remind you of it as soon as you reach the location.

You can use this feature to wake you up when you are about to reach a location and keep it on repeat if you do that every day. As a matter of fact, I found this much better because of the extra features it provides compared to the “Only Location-Based Alarm Clocks.”

Here is the list of features:

  • The app can remind of tasks over voice. Name your task as a destination, and it will make more sense to you.
  • Offers Power Saver mode, which lets you use the Cellular network to find location instead of GPS. Consumes less battery but can result in an inaccurate distance by a small margin.
  • If you are not on the move, the app turns off location sensing to save battery.

Download TasksNearBy

Location Based Alarm Apps for iPhone


The app can save your favorite wake locations, runs in the background, and is offering a beta feature that suggests the most probable wake location to set based on the day of the week, the time of the day, and your current position. This is interesting because it can auto-detect your daily commute and figure out where you get down and from where you start.

Download WakeMeHere


the best location-based alarm apps for android and ios - omnibuzz location based alarm app for iphone e1520579568859

One of the apps which delivers what is expected from it as per the user reviews. The app allows you to select a location or search for an address and then, of course, set the perimeter according to your choice. If you choose to get up at least 3 km before the stoppage arrives, you can do that. If you often use it, you can always reuse the previous alarms.

You can also customize the alarm sound with over 25 standard iOS alarm sounds, alarm duration, and continuous vibration.

Download from here


the best location-based alarm apps for android and ios - sleepyme location based alarm

The App works on similar lines as OmniBuzz. In fact, most of the apps offer similar features and do have a good rating. You can search or set a location and perimeter on when it should wake you up.

Download SleepyMe

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