If you thought Google was done releasing new Gmail features, the company has news for you today. At its annual developer conference I/O, Google has announced yet another AI-powered feature it’s soon bringing to Gmail — Smart Compose.

gmail's new smart compose feature will help you write emails faster - smart compose

Smart Compose, with the help of machine learning, will try to predict what you’re about to write in an email and suggest phrases accordingly. This can be anything from an address to a common sentence like “See you there.” For instance, say you’re sending a new email to a person named “Jessica“; Gmail will automatically ask if you’d like to input “Hey Jessica” at the beginning. You can simply select these by pressing the tab key or continue writing your email.

In addition to that, Smart Compose is also aware of the context, just like every other Google feature nowadays. Therefore, it will recommend concluding an email by adding something like “Have a great weekend!” if it’s Friday. You can essentially think of it as autocomplete for your emails.

A few days before, Google had announced a complete redesign for Gmail which included a slew of new, advanced features. One of these was something called “Smart Replies,” which also employs a set of machine learning algorithms to predict replies for you to an email.

Gmail Smart Compose will begin rolling out to users who’ve enabled the new Gmail design in the coming weeks or months in the case of enterprise accounts. If you’re not sure how to turn on the new update, here’s a quick guide.

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