Flipkart’s acquisition of Ebay’s business in India has finally borne fruit. The e-commerce company today introduced 2Gud, a new platform for buying refurbished electronics like smartphones, tablets, computers, wearables, and more. Currently limited to mobile users, the website offers the ability to purchase a wide array of either unboxed or second-hand used products.

2gud is a new platform for buying refurbished electronics by flipkart - 2gud website

In addition, Flipkart is also offering at least three months and in some cases, even a year of warranty on these devices and a ten-day return policy instead of its usual replacement one. The buying process is quite straightforward and similar to what you’ve on Flipkart. While the majority of products I browsed only had a ten or fifteen percent discount, Flipkart says it will offer nearly 50-80% off of the original product’s price during special sales and depending on the quality.

Flipkart is also planning to add larger appliances to the catalog in the coming months. Desktop clients and mobile apps are on their way too. For now, you will have to rely on a web app accessible only on smartphones. The company is taking care of the quality assurance process as well before sellers are verified to put up products.

Flipkart had earlier announced that it would pull the plug on eBay’s India operations and bring its own refurbished platform which will have a different value proposition and will cater to another target audience. “As a market leader, Flipkart has always tried to solve for India and offer a more fulfilling shopping experience in every aspect. With 2GUD, we have removed the trust deficit that exists in the refurbished goods market, and along with the added convenience, are offering customers yet another avenue to access quality products at the most affordable prices,” added Kalyan Krishnamurthy, CEO, Flipkart.

There are not a whole lot of successful refurbished channels in India where about $12-$15 Bn of products are returned yearly but with its resources, reach, and eBay acquisition, it seems Flipkart might be able to crack the code. It comes down to the product selection and prices too as currently there are not a ton of options available. For instance, the Google Chromecast is being sold for Rs 2,299 on 2Gud but during Flipkart sales which happen regularly, the product is down to a similar cost. Therefore, it remains to see how well Flipkart is able to move forward with 2Gud.

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