Apple released the new MacOS, Mojave to the world a few days ago. As expected, the new OS comes with a number of new features, but the one that has really got the audience’s attention is the Dark Mode feature. Perhaps because it is also the most visible of all features. In the Dark Mode, the interface uses darker, cooler colours instead of the usual lighter, warmer ones. So instead of white background with black text, you get the black background with white text in some cases. Not only does the mode lessen the strain on your eyes as compared to the general mode, but it also has the ability to highlight certain aspects of videos and photos in terms of color and detail as it creates higher contrast.

how to get dark mode on your iphone and ipad - ios dark mode

Sounds pretty cool (quite literally), right? Well, you can get something similar on your iPhone and iPad as well. It might not be called Dark Mod, and it may not be exactly the same, but your iOS device has something called Smart Invert. The mode as the name suggests inverts colours on the iPhone to make it strain-free for your eyes. And while Dark Mode might have landed on the MacOS just now, Smart Invert has been with the iPhone since iOS 11 (read 2017), although it did not get the sort of attention that Dark Mode has. So, if you love Dark Mode on the Mac and want something similar, here is what you need to do to take your iPhone or iPad to the Dark side (pun intended)…

Note: Your iPhone should have iOS 11 or above

To all the Lazy-Liams out there that do not like updating their iPhones, here is some good news for you. This feature actually doesn’t require iOS 12. So, if you have not updated your device, it should not be a problem. Although we would advise you to keep your iPhone up to date but even if your device is running on iOS 11, the feature will still be available for you to use on your iPhone. Therefore make sure that your iPhone is running on iOS 11, AT LEAST (what HAVE you been doing if you have not updated even to iOS 11 yet!).

Step 1: Find that Settings application

how to get dark mode on your iphone and ipad - step1
Got a compatible iOS ( 11 or above)? Swipe through the menu of your iPhone and find that Settings application. Chances are you will probably find it on the first screen itself (if you have not moved it), as it comes pre-installed on the iPhone.

Step 2: Get General…and select it

how to get dark mode on your iphone and ipad - step2
After getting in the settings, you have to scroll down and find the General option present in the settings. It should not be too difficult, and a simple scroll should lead you right to it. Once you find it, you need to tap on it and get to the other window.

Step 3: Tap on Accessibility

how to get dark mode on your iphone and ipad - step3
Selecting General would take you to another window with various options. You would not need to scroll much here as what you need is right in front: Accessibility. Tap on the option once you find it.

Step 4: Choose Display Accommodations

how to get dark mode on your iphone and ipad - step4
Selecting Accessibility will lead you to a screen where you will find an option called Display Accommodations. The option includes various settings that can be altered to make your iPhone viewing experience better. It will be “off” by default. Let this not deter you, go ahead and tap it.

Select 5: Select Invert Colors

how to get dark mode on your iphone and ipad - step5
You are getting close to your destination. After selecting Display Accommodations, you will see a series of options that let you tweak the settings of your display. Ignore the rest and just focus on the first – the Invert Colors option. Be patient: Dark Mode is but a step away!

Step 6: Take the Smart Invert way

how to get dark mode on your iphone and ipad - step6
Once you tap on the Invert Color option, you will find yourself with a couple of options to choose from when it comes to inverting colors on your iPhone – Smart Invert and Classic Invert. Select the Smart Invert feature, tapping on which will take your iPhone to the Dark Side (Darth Vader’s voice, someone!). The feature will invert colors of most of your iPhone’s interface. The interface will not change how the icons or photos and videos on your iPhone look, which does not seem like a bad idea to us, but it will change how emojis and interfaces of different apps (even supported third-party ones – mind you, not ALL apps are supported, which can sometimes make them look odd, especially when it comes to images and videos) look, often making text appear against a darker background.

You are now in the dark world. You are very welcome.

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