Amazon’s aggressive blitz to conquer the data boom in India seems to be leaving no stone turned. After announcing original shows and movies in six languages, the e-commerce company has today added the ability to browse its video-streaming platform, Prime Video, in Hindi. In addition, Amazon also plans to introduce support for two more local languages — Tamil and Telugu — in the coming months.

you can now browse amazon prime video in hindi - amazon prime video hindi

To switch Prime Video’s language to Hindi, you will need to head into the settings by clicking the little account icon on the top right. Next, under the Language tab, you will find the option to select Hindi. Hit Save, and you’re all set. The feature is now rolling out to all the devices Prime Video is available on, including its mobile clients.

Amazon has, over the past six months, added a series of new services, such as Prime Reading, to its Prime offering, all for the same Rs 999 a year price. Plus, the company has begun offering regional dubs for Hollywood movies such as the Dark Knight. A multitude of local originals is expected to arrive in the next year as well as the forthcoming Mirzapur TV series.

Speaking on the new feature, Gaurav Gandhi, Director and Head, Business Amazon Prime Video India, stated, “As Prime Video’s customer base expands across India, we believe it becomes important not just to offer content in local languages but also to give customers the option to access the Prime Video app and website in their language of choice. At Amazon, we are continuously customizing our offering based on the needs of the customer; we are delighted to make Prime Video available in Hindi, with functionalities such as search, navigation, and browsing, so that a large base of our audience has an even more engaging experience on our service.

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