Hotstar adds support for 18:9 screens and allows users to download Premium Shows and Movies

by: - Last updated on: January 3rd, 2019

In an update released recently for both Android and iOS, Hotstar has added support for 18:9 aspect ratio screens and also included the ability to download some of the premium content like TV Shows and Movies. The ability to download content has been present on the app for a long time but the content available for download was restricted to only a few old Shows and Movies and it did not allow any of the premium content to be downloaded and watched offline later.


With this new update, users can now download and watch most of their favourite Shows and Movies offline, which is a good move from the company. However, a thing to note here is that not all of the premium content can be downloaded at the moment. As of now, Hotstar only allows a handful of Shows and Movies to be downloaded and watched offline. But the list is expected to grow more overtime, with more premium Shows and Movies available for download.

To download any of the premium content, all you need to do is find the Show or Movie you are looking for and hit the Download button below (if present), and the content will download automatically. The downloaded content resides in the Downloads section of the Menu and can be accessed only when you are connected to the internet, which means you cannot watch any of the content when you are offline. To add to more limitations, the premium content can be downloaded only once and expires after 7 days or 48 hours after a user has started watching it.

hotstar premium download

Coming along with the update is another welcome change, that adds support for 18:9 aspect ratio screens. Users with devices that support this aspect ratio can now enjoy their favourite Shows and Movies in full screen. The change comes taking into consideration the fact that a lot of the smartphone manufacturers are starting to adopt this new aspect ratio on their smartphones.


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