In today’s day and age, where people are uploading numerous pictures on different social platforms across the internet, it is sometimes difficult to find a befitting quote for your picture to make it stand out. And most of the times the picture ends up with some ridiculous quote. An alternative, up until now, has been to determine a keyword in the picture and search for quotes related to it on the internet. As it sounds, the process is really tedious and might only work for some people. So, to address this common problem, a new app, called Quoth, is here to suggest you with some of the best quotes that complement your picture to make it stand out from the rest.

quoth is a new social media tool that uses ai to suggest quotes for your picture - quoth

Quoth is a new age social media tool that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to figure out what the picture is about and suggest a quote related to it, in a way creating a perfect combo that would give you the likes you have always been longing for.

According to the maker of the app, Quoth uses computer vision APIs from Apple and Clarifai to analyze the image and determine things like attributes, color, facial information, etc to create a perfect combination of the picture and quote.

To ensure that the app has enough quotes for every possible attribute in a picture and that it never runs out of quotes, a database of quotes from different sources on the internet has been created. These quotes are tagged by keyword, which is then used to match the picture’s attributes and provide an ideal combo, involving both, the picture and the quote.

How to Use Quoth

  • Download the Quoth app from the AppStore.
  • Open the app and select – Camera: for taking a new picture, Gallery: for selecting an existing picture on your device.
  • Select your picture and hit Done.
  • From a list of quotes provided, scroll and choose the one you like.
  • Hit the ‘right’ icon on the top right to save the picture.

Additionally, you can edit the colour and styling of the quotes in the picture.

  • To change the background color and opacity of the quote, hit the ‘COLOR’ tab at the bottom. Choose from the three pre-defined color schemes to change the background color and slide the slider across to adjust the opacity.
  • To change the font and indentation of the quote, hit the ‘TEXT’ tab at the bottom. Select from the three indentation styles provided on the left side to align the text. Scroll through the list of fonts and select the one you like to change the font.

Currently, the Quoth app is only available for iOS devices, and there is no word from the makers of the app for its launch on the Android platform. So, if you’re an iOS user, go ahead and download the app from the AppStore and share your pictures with beautiful quotes on them across all your social accounts.

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