Following a series of silent launches since start of this week, which followed new upgraded iPads and iMacs, Apple has just silently announced its all-new AirPods. The launch of the new AirPods was highly anticipated by people and fans from across the world, following the huge success that the company had with the first-gen AirPods. And now, their wait is finally over. The highlighting features of the new AirPods include a new H1 chip, Hands-Free ‘Hey Siri’, option for a Wireless Charging Case, and 50 percent more talk time.

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The new AirPods are powered by an H1 chip that is specifically designed for headphones, to deliver faster connect times, the convenience of hands-free ‘Hey Siri’, more talk time, and overall performance efficiencies. According to Apple, the new H1 chip comes with custom audio architecture to improve synchronization and increase audio experience. It provides up to 50 percent more talk time, compared to the previous model, and also provides up to 2 times faster connect time to make switching between devices, while listening to music, seamless and enjoyable.

Another add on that the new AirPods get is the ability to trigger ‘Hey Siri’, wirelessly, which was not available on the previous generation AirPods. With this new addition, users can now easily ask Siri to change the music,
adjust the volume, or even ask for directions. The possibilities are endless.

Unlike the previous model of the AirPods, the new AirPods come with two types of charging cases – a standard charging case (similar to the one with the older model) and a wireless charging case. Both cases manage to hold up to 24 hours of extra juice and ensure that the AirPods are charged on the go. With the new wireless charging case, users can enjoy the ability to charge their AirPods wirelessly, with the help of a Qi-certified wireless charging solution.

AirPods Pricing and Availability

The all-new Apple AirPods come with two types of charging cases: standard charging case and wireless charging case and is priced at $159 and $199, respectively. Apple is also selling the wireless charging case separately, for a price of $79. So, existing old-gen AirPods users can get their hands on just the wireless charging case, itself. The new AirPods, along with the wireless charging case available starting today on Apple, and in Apple Stores, next week.

Prices for the Indian market start at Rs 14,900 for AirPods with standard charging case, Rs 18,900 for AirPods with wireless charging case, and Rs 7,500 for the standalone wireless charging case. As for the availability, the AirPods, along with the standalone wireless charging case, will be available later this spring.

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