Three phones in about two weeks. That’s what OnePlus has served up to us in late September- early October. In quick succession, those looking for an Android flagship have been hit by no fewer than three devices that could be contenders – the OnePlus 7T, the OnePlus 7T Pro and the OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition. All of them come with the OnePlus 7T moniker but differ from each other in matters of design, hardware and of course, price. So which OnePlus with the T should you be going for? Let’s see if we can sort this out for you:

Dude, which OnePlus 7T should I go for? (Or should I just stay with the older ones) - oneplus 7 7t series

Beauty is skin deep, and I am skinny – I want them looks!

You would have thought that this would be gimme for the OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition with its Papaya Orange accents and that subtle pattern around the camera (do not try to clean it up, please). And we won’t deny that it looks classy as hell, but know something? Perhaps the most distinct OnePlus device out there is actually the OnePlus 7T, thanks to that spherical camera enclosure on the back. Most people will be hardpressed to tell the difference between a OnePlus 7T Pro, a OnePlus 7T McLaren Edition and even the older OnePlus 7 Pro (and yes, they all look very good), but there is no way anyone will mix up a OnePlus 7T with anything else in the market right now. So yeah, you want class? Go with the McLaren Edition. You wanna stand out? Go with the OnePlus 7T!

Fish! I want some great chips, and great memories

Dude, which OnePlus 7T should I go for? (Or should I just stay with the older ones) - OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition Design

All the new T editions might have Snapdragon 855+ chips and displays with 90 Hz refresh rates, but go beyond that and the differences start to make themselves visible. In terms of sheer hardware, the OnePlus 7T Pro and its McLaren variant have a clear edge over the 7T, with their larger 6.67-inch displays (the 7T has a 6.55 inch one) that taper over the edges and have higher resolutions – quad HD+ as compared to the full HD+ on the 7T. But bring RAM and Storage into the equation and the McLaren edition wins hands down with its 12 GB/ 256 GB combination.

Shoot everything! Gimme cameras

Dude, which OnePlus 7T should I go for? (Or should I just stay with the older ones) - oneplus 7t pro review 5

This is a surprisingly dodgy territory. Ironically, the OnePlus 7T has the cameras with the best megapixel counts of all three devices – all three come with a 48 megapixel Sony IMX 486 main sensor, and a 16 megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, but the 7T has a 12-megapixel telephoto sensor as compared to the 8-megapixel ones on the 7T Pro and the McLaren Edition. That said, the telephoto sensors on the 7T Pro and the McLaren edition come with OIS and have 3X optical zoom, while in the case of the 7T, only the main sensor seems to have it and the telephoto has 2X zoom. All three cameras seem to have similar shooting modes, including the super macro mode and low light prowess (Nightscape mode). But, the OnePlus 7T also has no laser autofocus, which the others do. When it comes to selfies, all three devices have 16-megapixel selfie snappers but we think the pop-up cameras of the Pros take just take fractionally longer to swing into action.

We really think this is a very close call, but unless you are looking for a higher resolution on your zoomed-in shots, the Pro editions have the edge here.

Charge! Am so Warped about battery

Dude, which OnePlus 7T should I go for? (Or should I just stay with the older ones) - oneplus 7t vs oneplus 7 pro 5

This is a terrifically close call. All three phones come with Warp Charge 30T, so get charged extremely fast. However, while the Pros come with 4085 mAh batteries, the 7T has a smaller 3800 mAh battery. So give this one to the Pros? Well, not so fast, for with the 7T having a smaller and full HD+ display (rather than a quad HD+ one), the battery consumption is likely to be lower. You know, we suspect the 7T might have a slight edge here!

Loose change…have lots of it, so gimme the best deal!

If bucks are hard to come by, well, the OnePlus 7T is the one for you. Its highest variant – 8 GB/ 256 GB – comes at Rs 39,999, which is well below the Rs 53,999 at which the 7T Pro starts and the Rs 58,999 that the McLaren edition commands. Stuck between the Pro and its McLaren bro? We think the design tweaks and the extra 4GB RAM swing it for the car-inspired phone!

Shouldn’t we be talking about the software stuff…the Oxygen of phones!

Dude, which OnePlus 7T should I go for? (Or should I just stay with the older ones) - oneplus 7t vs oneplus 7 pro 7

No, we shouldn’t. Not here anyway. For all three phones have Oxygen UI running on top of Android 10. The McLaren edition has some Papaya Orange accents in the interface and a few other cosmetic touches, but we do not think that is a killer difference. The latest T series of OnePlus devices might be divided by many things, but are united by software. Oxygen unites their diversity!

I got a OnePlus 7 Pro. Do I need to look at these?

Dude, which OnePlus 7T should I go for? (Or should I just stay with the older ones) - oneplus 7 pro review 6

Ahhhhh…that is a very tricky question, you know. We have discussed the difference between the 7T and 7 Pro in some detail here, but comparing the old Pro with its T-laden counterparts is a tougher task. And that is because, in design terms, they are almost exactly the same (same proportions and weight, Sherlock). In the end, it is going to boil down to how much you value the new hardware additions to the Pros – the newer processor, the slightly bigger battery, the faster charging, and the support for super macro mode (evidently done through a tiny hardware component). If they are not of paramount importance, then hang on to that 7 Pro. It remains a darned good phone and is getting Android 10 even as you read this.

You know, the OnePlus 7 is selling for Rs 29,999…

Dude, which OnePlus 7T should I go for? (Or should I just stay with the older ones) - oneplus 7 review 1

It was the joker in the OnePlus 7 Pro launch, even stealing the 7 Pro’s thunder to an extent with its surprisingly low price. It has since received a price cut as well. But where does the OnePlus 7 stand today? Well, it remains a very good phone for anyone looking for a flagship below Rs 30,000 but is run very close by the Redmi K20 Pro, which beats it on battery and camera and comes with a lower price tag. But yes, if you are absolutely trying to save every penny but want a OnePlus, we would say go for the OnePlus 7…or hell, borrow Rs 8,000 and buy the OnePlus 7T.


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