Syska, a brand that ventured into the smart home category back in 2018, today announced the launch of two new smart plugs. Called the Syska Smart Plug (16A) and Smart Mini Plug (10A), the smart plugs are targeted for smart homes with large to small range appliances that can be controlled using the and Syska Smart Home app and also using voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. So let’s check out these devices in more detail.

syska smart plug (16a) and smart mini plug (10a) launched in india - syska smart plug mini

While a majority of the old, traditional home appliances these days are getting replaced with their smart counterparts, there are still some devices that we do not have smart versions for. This is where the smart plugs come into the picture. Syska “expects the smart home segment to grow at a fast pace till 2020 and reach 7.2 percent by 2022.”

Both smart plugs, the Smart Plug (16A) and Smart Mini Plus (10A) come with a bunch of features that help you get the most out of your appliances. Here are some of these key features –

  • Voice Control – the smart plugs from Syska come with support for Alexa and Google Assistant that essentially allows you to control your office and home appliances simply using your voice.
  • Scheduling, timers, and room allocation – besides voice control, the smart plugs also allow you to set up schedules to turn on/off your appliances. In addition, you can also allocate the rooms that you want to be operated via the smart plug.
  • Universal plug pin type – both, the Syska Smart Plug and Smart Plug Mini, come with a universal plug type so you don’t have to carry a converter along.
  • Prevent overheating – one of the issues that you usually encounter with plugs is overheating after being used for prolonged periods of time. To address this issue, Syska says their smart plugs are made of advanced technology to prevent them from overheating.
  • Monitor energy usage – both smart plugs from Syska come with a unique feature that allows you to detect the energy consumption for every device in your home using the Syska Smart Home App and control and monitor the usage.
  • Scenes and Automation – with the smart plugs, you can set up connected devices and trigger the schedules and routines using Siri. Additionally, you can also set on/off schedule based on scenarios like sunrise, sunset, etc.
  • Child Safety Shutter – the smart plugs come with a child safety shutter, which prevents your child from coming into contact with the outlet.
  • Compatibility – Syska says the Syska Smart Plug (16A) works with large appliances such as microwave ovens, air conditioners, etc, whereas, the Smart Mini Plug (10A) works best with small and mid-appliances such as televisions, mobiles, lamps, etc.

Syska Smart Plug and Smart Mini Plug: Pricing and Availability

The Syska Smart Plug and Smart Mini Plug are priced at Rs 4,190 and Rs 2,599 respectively. Both smart plugs are available across various online and retail stores.

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