In its annual AGM for 2020 today, Reliance Jio has announced a host of new services like Jio TV+, its partnership with Google to build affordable 4G and 5G smartphones for India, and the most interesting of the lot which is both futuristic and cool and one that surprised us all, and that’s Jio Glass. Just like the name would suggest, Jio Glass is a pair of glasses that makes use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, more commonly referred to as VR and AR to enable multiple use cases.

jio glass

The Jio Glass comes with a cable that can be used to connect it to your smartphone in order to access the internet after which it can be used for a variety of purposes. If you’ve heard of Google Glasses which was scrapped or Apple’s rumored AR glasses that are supposed to launch sometime in the future, Jio Glass is something similar that will be made available on a large scale.

The Jio Glass weighs in at just 75 grams and will be your portal to Mixed Reality which is a term used to indicate the mix of both AR and VR. It has a high-resolution display on which you can enjoy content along with personalized audio support. At present, Jio claims to have support for 25+ apps that are holographic in nature. What this means is you can do things like making video calls with 3D avatars, in a simulated office space, while you share your presentations or blueprints in 3D to others in the meeting.

reliance announces jio glass, a mixed reality device to provide holographic content - jio glass 2

You can also simulate virtual environments like classrooms which can be a huge boon for students and teachers especially in the current situation we are living in due to the pandemic. This makes use of Jio’s Mixed Reality Cloud and can also be used to simulate things like travel which is also not possible in the current situation. You can be at the comfort of your home while watching your favorite holiday destinations in 3D using Jio Glass.

reliance announces jio glass, a mixed reality device to provide holographic content - jio glass 3

There’s no word about the availability of Jio Glass yet and it seems like a work-in-progress at the moment. However, we hope it’s made available commercially soon since it surely seems like an interesting accessory that can add a lot of value especially since most of us are inside our homes right now.

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