Accidental deletions, formatting of hard drive without backup, and looking for a file you deleted a few days back because you thought you never needed it. These are some scenarios which are not only painful but also helpless. Nobody wants to lose their essential files and beloved memories.

That’s where the data recovery software comes into the picture. In today’s post, we are talking about iBeesoft Data Recovery Software, its features, and its usefulness in dire situations.

ibeesoft data recovery software

List of situations where you can use the software

  • Deleted or lost partitions which can be intentional or accidental
  • Interruption when moving data from one storage to another
  • Formatted hard drive and you had no backup
  • When storage is displayed as RAW, which happens when the partition data is damaged or the drive is corrupt

iBeesoft Data Recovery Software

The software offers an easy to use interface with all the recovery options upfront, i.e., specific file type recovery software along with a big Start button. If you are looking for a specific file type, then you can choose so or click on the Start button to scan for all file types. However, before you start, let’s understand a few things:

First, make sure you have an external storage device where you copy the backup. It will increase the chances of recovery as it will not overwrite the space occupied by the files which can be recovered.

Second, the recovery software work in specific ways with the basic principle that files that are removed from the computer are not physically available. They cannot be just found as the entry from the Master Table is missing. They are removed only when another file overwrites the same storage space, completely or partially. The software uses this as one of its methods to recover files. Hence it is important not to recover files on the same storage.

How to use the data recovery software?

Getting back to the recovery process, click on the Start button or any specific filters to start the process. In the next screen, you will see a list of partitions, both active and deleted but marked by different colors to easy identification. The primary Windows partition will be marked with a Windows icon and the external storage with a plug icon. It will display the exact drive letters for each, which makes it easy to identify. If you plug a drive later, you can always click on the refresh icon on the top-right of the hard disk drives section.

ibeesoft data recovery select storage

Quick Scan

Select any one of the drives, and click on the Scan button to start the scanning process. This process will perform a quick scan of the drive and give you an immediate result. The displayed results only show a list of files that can be recovered and not which are also on the hard drive. I have seen some of the software to do that, and then one has to use the filter. That’s not the case here.

scan recover files windows

To test, I moved one of the files to another location and then made a quick scan. It was not only able to identify but also recover the file. Also, the files can be found based on path, type, and time. Recovering is simple; all you need to do is select the file(s) and click on the Recover button.

Deep Scan

Quick Scan can only recover files that have been recently deleted. That’s why I was able to recover the file quickly. Deep Scan, on the contrary, does what some of you may need—Long forgotten deleted files, which become important one fine morning!

After the quick scan, you get a link to start Deep Scan. Click on it, and it will perform a sector-by-sector search for these files and list them with whatever information is available, including file type, name, and data. That said, it will take a lot more time, and it would be best to keep it running for some time and wait for the scan to complete.

ibeesoft recover deep scan search results

The Deep Scan results can be very impressive. I was able to recover files from as early as 2011, especially the images. I remember owning a printer and taking pictures of it using the good old Nokia Lumia 610.

The results are exhaustive, and the best way to find files is by using the search feature. You can enter the keyword, and it will pull images based on the file name, metadata, and so on.

That said, here is one thing about Deep Scan you should know. The recovery can be partial if some other file has overwritten the part of the storage space. It applies to all recovery software, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Hence, the faster you take action to recover files, the better the chances are of getting the complete file.

ibeesoft recover deep scan partial recovery

Supported storage devices and file types

The list includes computer drives, memory cards, digital camera camcorders, USB drives, and external hard drives.  In short, almost any storage device is connected to the computer.

File types include images, audio, videos, documents, and so on. There are hundreds of formats that you can check on their official page.

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How to buy iBeesoft Data Recovery?

If the details convince you enough, you can buy it from their order page at a price of 45.95 USD for 1 PC. The best part is if the software doesn’t convince you enough, then you can get a refund within 60 days of purchase. However, you may have to go through the support to justify what did not work. So it’s a no question asked money-back policy! Also, if you are a Mac user, iBeesoft data recovery software is available for macOS as well.


There are many recovery software in the market, and they work on similar lines. But there are a few things that I loved about iBeeSoft Data Recovery:

  • A lot simpler to use as the options are straightforward and start the job quickly.
  • It only displays folders that have files that can be recovered in a quick scan.
  • Deep Scan does not kickstart along with a quick scan like other software.

The only drawback I had to point out is that there is no way to save the search result. If you stop the scan in between, you will have to start over. That is tedious and wastes a lot of time. I hope this feature can be implemented.

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