Memes have taken over the internet as the latest way of expressing one’s thoughts with a touch of wit and sarcasm. With memes becoming more relatable to the mass audience than traditional texts or even images, most are the ones that are re-circulated from the web. So what are these memes exactly? How can you generate a meme to gain that extra attention across your social media? Let’s learn all of them in great detail.

free meme generators

What are memes?

A meme is something that can be either an image, video, GIF, or anything which is based on an incident either from movies, real life, or even fiction. These are typically humourous in nature and are widely used for co-relation on current incidents happening on the internet. The perception of a meme varies from person to person, but their nature is generally sarcastic, with intentions to make the reader smile or sometimes laugh.

what are memes

Well, that may have sounded like a definition straight off a dictionary, so let’s take the latest example of a meme trend on the internet. Cristiano Ronaldo, the star football player, moved aside two bottles of Coca-Cola in a press conference. The internet took no time to find some humor in this incident, and we saw a lot of people coming up with memes on the same.

What to look for in a meme generator?

The base of any meme generator is its library of templates, on which you will conduct your edits to make your own meme. A good meme generator should have a plethora of options in its library to choose from. Then comes the editing part.

The inclusion of various fonts, the ability to change the text color, and the ability to add your custom images to the template are some clever features to have as well. And if you are someone who wants to make memes professionally for a comedy page on social media, then you would not want any kind of watermark in your meme. We have handpicked some of the best and most free ways to generate memes online and also on your smartphone!

Best online meme generators

Here are some of the easiest ways you can create some great memes online for free!

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1. IMGFlip – Meme Generator

IMG Flip’s meme generator is a web-based online service and is free to use. You can select your meme template from the library and add your top and bottom text. Then click on generate meme. The website shows you the list of trending memes so that you can choose from them as well. It also gives you the option to add images from your local storage to make new memes or add pictures to existing meme templates.

imgflip meme generator

The user interface is straightforward to understand and is beginner-friendly. It also gives the option to create an account and log in, so all of your created memes get stored on the cloud for free. IMG Flip’s Meme generator does have a small watermark at the bottom right, which is quite negligible. You can pay a fee of $3.85/month to remove the watermark.

Special features: Huge library of templates, custom image support, free-cloud saving of memes, simple interface.

Platforms supported: any Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, or iOS device that can run a normal web browser.

Price: Free to use with watermark, $3.95/monthly to remove watermark.

2. Imgur

The popular image-sharing platform Imgur can also be used to generate memes. You have to navigate to and click on select a default meme. You can now choose the template to edit or even search for a specific template from the search bar. It also lets you add your own image to create a new meme.

imgur meme generator

The text options here are limited, with an option to add text only on the top and bottom. Click on make this meme once you have entered your edit. You can now download the image or shape the Imgur link of the image across your social media to showcase your meme. Imgur also provides the option to make a free account to save your memes online, which you can access from any source like smartphone, tablet, another computer, etc.

Special Features: Easy-to-use interface, a preview of meme templates, a community of memers.

Platforms supported: any system based on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, or iOS that can run a browser and Imgur application on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Price: Free to use with watermark.

3. Make a Meme

Make a Meme is one of the most popular online meme-making services known for its vast library of meme templates. On opening the website, you will see a preview of all the meme templates which they have. It also comes with a search bar for better navigation in their database. Click on your preferred choice of meme to start editing it. Make a meme also offers the option to add custom images to make memes. Pretty neat solution to add some funny captions to images.

make a meme

The service lets you add text to the top and bottom. It also provides 50 different fonts with the ability to change text color as well, for which you will have to register and create an account for free. This gives you complete access to all the features, and you can also choose to keep your meme private to yourself. The website allows you to print your meme on a mug, for which you will have to pay accordingly.

Special Features: Vast library of meme templates, a direct preview of templates while choosing, custom fonts and text color, outline support.

Platforms Supported: any operating system that can run a web browser.

Price: Free to use with watermark.

4. Kapwing Meme Generator

Kapwing’s Meme Generator comes with advanced options and has support for animated memes. It’s again free to use, without any watermark. You can select a meme template from their library, which gives you a variety of choices. The editor provides a fully-fledged timeline where you can add overlays, texts, custom images, and even set the duration of the meme. It also supports multiple output ratios like 9:16, 4:5, 1:1, and even custom size.

kapwing meme maker

At first, it can look a little complicated to use, but most of the options like adding texts and other basic functionalities are easy to use. Once you finish your editing, your meme can be exported as a video, GIF, image, or even audio (if you had added audio elements to your meme). Do note that you will have to sign in using either your Google account or your Facebook account to remove the watermark. No need to add any payment details; the watermark gets removed after a simple sign-in.

Special Features: Advanced editing options like adding overlays, shapes, plugins from GIPHY, support for animated memes, custom fonts, no watermarks.

Platforms supported: any operating system that can run a web browser.

Price: Free to use.

5. Livememe

Livememe is a simple, fast, and effective way to create a meme quickly. The website gives you two neat options, uploading your custom image and a second one, create a meme. Clicking on the latter will show you all the meme templates the service has to offer. Select your meme, then add the text to the top and bottom and hit the generate button.


It also shows you a preview of the meme text in real-time. Once your meme is generated, you can download it and save it on your system or directly upload it on Reddit. Livememe is a very basic meme generator with good templates and keeps things simple. So font options and text color are limited to default here.

Special Features: Easiest UI to navigate through, fast and effective, no watermark.

Platforms supported: any operating system that can run a web browser.

Price: Free to use without watermark.

Best meme generator apps

If online meme generators aren’t good enough for you, here are some of the best native meme-making apps available for both iPhones and Android phones.

1. Meme Generator ZomboDroid

Meme Generator by ZomboDroid is free to download on the Google Play Store. The application has a massive library of meme templates that are even categorized between new, popular, random, and favorites. You can choose any meme to start for free.

meme generator zombodroid

The app gives you the option to change the text placement, edit fonts, add outline and shadows to the text and change the font size as well. What’s more interesting here is that there is an ‘Example’ button, tapping which the application will automatically generate a meme based on that particular template. So you can and enjoy a fresh new meme and save it on your device. The application does not add watermarks to your memes but is add supported. You can get the premium version for an ad-free experience for $4.5 as a one-time fee.

Special Features: Good meme library, custom image support, no watermarks, variety of text editing options including speech bubbles.

Platforms supported: Android

Price: Free to use with ads, $4.5 one-time fee for removal of ads.

2. Memes maker

Memes Maker by Memes Apps LLC is another free-to-use meme generator on the Google Play Store. The application requires a sign-up for a new account to start with. Before selecting your meme template, the application asks you the size of your meme to be created. Fullscreen for Instagram stories, portrait, landscape, or even custom resolutions.

memes maker

You can choose between images and GIFS for your meme template. The editing options are excellent, with the ability to add custom images, adjust the overlay and enhance the image with filters. It also lets you add your own watermark to your meme, which you can make with text or shapes. However, the application does have its own watermark on the meme in the free version. The premium version without the watermark costs $1/month and $10 annually. It comes with a 3-day free trial for the premium version, whereas the free version with watermark has no time limitations.

Special Features: Animated GIFs, custom image support, scaling of images, creating own watermark.

Platforms supported: Android.

Price: Free to use with watermark, $1 per month, and $10 per year to remove the watermark.

3. Make a Meme

This is the same service that we mentioned above in online meme creators. Make a meme has a free application on the Apple App Store, which gives similar functionality as the service’s web version. The meme library template is the same on the mobile application. You can also choose a photo from your phone’s local storage or take a new photo.

make a meme

The app lets you adjust the font size and add text to the top and bottom. You can also choose to have an outline to your text, with shadow. Make a Meme also has a sign-in feature, with an option to log in using your Facebook account as well.

Special Features: Adjusting font size, outline, and shadow, simple to use interface, custom image support.

Platforms supported: iOS

Price: Free

4. WhatsApp and Google

This one comes from our book of JerryRig things and a self-service type of meme generation. But you can actually rely on Google and WhatsApp, two basic applications found on almost every smartphone today, to make memes with endless creativity.

Just Google about your meme template, download that image. Now open your WhatsApp conversation, and select the downloaded template. In the WhatsApp photo preview, click on add text and type in your meme context. For providing it the ‘meme-effect,’ tap on the ‘T’ icon thrice to change the font. This way, it looks very similar to the ‘Impact’ font, which is widely used in memes. Now adjust your text, and that’s it. Hit send. This is something which we use to quickly add memes during WhatsApp conversations, without any external service!

The memes you make in WhatsApp can also be shared with other platforms by clicking on the Share icon in WhatsApp. Alternatively, they can also be shared on your local storage so that you can post them separately as well.

Frequently Asked Questions about memes and meme generators

Some of you might have additional basic questions around meme generators. We will try to answer some of those.

How to pronounce meme?

The word meme is pronounced as ‘mee-em’. With different accents, there can be slight variations in the pronunciation like ‘may-ems’ or ‘mims’, but the most widely used and the correct way to say it is ‘mee-em’. We can confirm one thing, that calling it ‘may-may’ the most inappropriate and wrong way of pronouncing the word meme.

What is the best free meme generator?

In our opinion, the best free meme generator is ‘’ given its vast library of meme templates, ability to change fonts and font color, and easy access to the service from any device using a web browser. The presence of a watermark may bother some people, for which we have other alternatives like Kapwing. Still, the overall functionality and simplicity of MakeaMeme list it on top of our recommendation list when it comes to the best free meme generator.

Can I make animated or video memes?

Yes, you can make animated or video memes. Kapwing is the best way to make animated memes, and it gives you the option to add audio tracks and set timings of your overlays as well. Imgur is another good alternative to generate GIF-based memes, both of which are again based on services, making them accessible on a wide set of devices.

On the Android set of things, ZomboDroid has a Video and GIF meme generator on the Google Play Store, which has the same functionality as the regular application but comes with support for videos and GIFs, as mentioned.

How do you make a meme with your own picture?

All the services we have mentioned, both online and application-based, support creating memes with your own custom images in local storage. Moreover, you can also use essential photo editing software like Photoshop on PC and PicsArt on mobile devices to add text overlays / speech bubbles on your images and convert them into memes. Remember, anything that can make others laugh is a meme. There is no proper definition of a meme template, which is why everyone enjoys it!

Where can I get free memes?

The internet is filled with memes. The most popular places you can view memes for free are on Instagram, Imgur which are selectively handled. Also, on social media like Twitter and Facebook, Reddit, and even WhatsApp forwards if you have an excellent company alongside. With the ever-growing popularity of memes, you can always find specific handles on social media like 9Gag, which actively posts memes for free.

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