Laptops have been around for quite some time now. And in that time, they have evolved in various areas such as design, hardware, and software. One area, however, where they have remained unchanged – and which has plagued them since their inception – is ergonomics.

best laptop stands
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Ergonomics plays a critical role in productivity. An ergonomically unfavorable setup at home or in the office can not only hinder your work but also affect your physical health. Many people today work from home and sit at a desk for many hours a day. Therefore, it is important that this does not lead to eyestrain, back and neck pain, or poor posture.

Fortunately, manufacturers of PC accessories have a solution to this problem. They are called laptop stands, and they are essentially a simple elevation that positions the laptop at eye level so you do not lose your posture at your desk.

Why Should You Consider Buying a Laptop Stand?

Generally, when you hear of laptop stands, questions like “Is a laptop stand worth it?“, “Do I really need a laptop stand?“, “Is a laptop stand really ergonomic?” and “What kind of laptop stand should I buy?” come to mind.

While these are valid questions, they shouldn’t discourage you from—or instill a second thought about—buying a laptop stand, especially if you spend most of your time in a day at your desk. However, if you aren’t convinced yet, the following are some of the benefits of using a laptop stand.

  1. Better ergonomics: It should come as no surprise that using a laptop stand tremendously improves ergonomics since now you don’t have to slouch and strain your neck and back while working on your laptop.
  2. Improved multitasking experience: Since your laptop now rests on a stand, you have more space on your desk to organize your keyboard, mouse, and other accessories such that you can work with them comfortably and probably get more work done thanks to an ergonomic workstation.
  3. Better airflow: Many people don’t realize that using a laptop stand—especially the ones designed to maximize airflow—can improve the airflow under their laptop’s surface and prevent it from heating.
  4. Standing desk functionality: If you buy something like a dual-raise laptop stand with a sturdy build, you can keep it on top of your sitting desk to turn it into a standing disk. That way, you can alternate between standing and sitting while you’re working to fight back pain and other health problems.

Best Laptop Stands to Improve Workstation Ergonomics

Below is a list of some of the best laptop stands you can buy right now, everything from adjustable and fixed-height laptop stand to portable and collapsible laptop stand designed to adapt to a range of needs.

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1. obVus Solutions Adjustable Laptop Tower Stand

obvus solutions laptop stand

obVus Solutions is a brand known for its ergonomic products, and its tower-style stand is a popular choice when it comes to ergonomic laptop stands.

It comes in two height-adjustable options, which you can leverage to convert your sitting desk into a standing one quite easily. Plus, if required, you can also adjust the angle of the resting plate to suit your liking.

As for the build, the stand is made from aluminum and is pretty sturdy. It’s designed to ensure that the laptop has adequate ventilation so that it doesn’t heat up. You can use laptops between 10 and 17 inches with this stand and collapse the stand to carry it along.


  • Solid build
  • Convertible-style; offers two modes
  • Adjustable tilt
  • Cutout for ventilation

Price: $79.99 | Rs 5839
Buy from Amazon US | Buy from Amazon India

2. Soundance Laptop Stand

soundance laptop stand

With its minimal laptop stand, the Soundance laptop stand has what you need if you’re looking for just a simple riser with a solid build. It’s made of a thickened aluminum alloy that makes it sturdy and keeps it free of any wobble.

Besides, to ensure the holder’s hands grip your laptop tightly, the stand has rubber cushioning along its entire length. Similarly, it also has anti-slip silicone pads at the bottom to prevent it from slipping on the desk.

The stand is suitable for laptops between 10 to 15.6 inches and offers 6 inches of lift. Since there’s practically no surface to rest the laptop between the two arms, it gets plenty of airflow, which keeps it running cool for hours.


  • Sturdy build
  • Detachable and simple installation
  • Unobstructed ventilation
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

Price: $23.99 | Rs 2399
Buy from Amazon US | Buy from Amazon India

3. Rain Design mStand

rain design mstand

Rain Design’s mStand is among the most popular laptop stands available out there. Unlike other stands, it is made from a single piece of aluminum and has a unique design. And while the initial impressions of this design might not exude confidence in its stability and balance, the ergonomics do come into play and offer solid stability at work.

On the back, the stand comes with a circular cutout through which you can route wires to keep your desk organized, similar to the iMac stand.

With the mStand, you can use any laptop with depths less than 10.4 inches and raise its height by up to 5.9 inches. Ideally, it works well with Apple’s MacBooks. So if you plan on using some other laptops or want good airflow underneath, the mStand might not be for you.

  • Stylish design
  • Solid build
  • Cable cutout
  • Adjustable height settings

Price: $39.85 | Rs 8997
Buy from Amazon US | Buy from Amazon India

4. MOFT Invisible Slim Laptop Stand

moft invisible slim laptop stand

While most stands offer a solid build quality and improve your desk ergonomics, they are only restricted to be used at home/office; you can’t carry them around in your backpack. MOFT changes this notion with its invisible laptop stand, which snaps onto the back of your laptop and offers mobility on the go.

The case is built with PU (polyurethane) and is pretty light, so you can always keep it attached to your laptop and carry it anywhere. And the best part is it’s reusable, which means you can peel it off (and put it back on) if required.

With the MOFY invisible stand, you can use laptops up to 15.6 inches (and 18 pounds) and adjust them at 15°, and 25° angle tilts up to 3 inches. However, bear in mind that this isn’t as sturdy as some other stands, so you can’t use it with bulky laptops.

  • Sleek design
  • Mobile design
  • Foldable and easy to attach

Price: $21.99 | Rs 1949
Buy from Amazon US | Buy from Amazon India

If you’re located in India, you can also check out the STRIFF laptop stand, which costs a fraction of MOFY’s cost (Rs 599) and offers pretty much the same functionality.

Buy from Amazon India

5. ElfAnt Laptop Stand

elfant laptop stand

The ElfAnt laptop stand is another option for portable laptop stands. It’s made of aluminum and offers different levels of height adjustments. You can also use it to hold a tablet, which can come in handy when you want an extra screen to work on while you’re on the go.

One of the USPs of the stand is the folding design that makes it easy to carry around in your laptop bag. So you can always take care of your posture, no matter whether you’re at home, the office, or the cafe.

The stand has non-slip grips on both handles to secure the laptop in place. Similarly, you also have grips at the base to prevent the stand from moving around on the desk.


  • Minimal design
  • Solid construction
  • Portable
  • Unobstructed ventilation

Price: $29.99
Buy from Amazon US

Since ElfAnt isn’t available in India, if you want a similar laptop stand, you can check out the iVoler Adjustable Laptop Stand, which is similar to the ElfAnt’s offering in many ways. It’s priced at Rs 659 and available on Amazon India.

Buy from Amazon India

6. STRIFF Adjustable Laptop Stand

striff laptop stand

STRIFF, the maker of the minimal foldable-style stand, has another laptop stand on offer. It’s a rather bigger stand and made out of hard plastic. But what sets it apart is the built-in phone stand, which lets you place your phone right next to your laptop so that you don’t have to reach for it constantly.

The case has seven different adjustable height options, which can go from 2.7-inch all the way up to 6.7-inch, as required. It can hold laptops between 11 to 15 inches.

To address ventilation issues, the STRIFF stand has large cut-out vents at the bottom to improve airflow and prevent the laptop from overheating.


  • Built-in phone stand
  • Seven height adjusting options
  • Ventilation cutouts

Price: Rs 549
Buy from Amazon India

Improving Workstation Ergonomics to Fight Bad Posture

Even though most laptop stands can help you attain the ultimate objective of improving your workstation ergonomics to take care of your posture, it’s finally down to you to choose a stand that best fits your needs and setup. To this end, this guide should shed some light on important aspects to consider when buying a laptop stand and should leave you with a stand that meets your requirements.

FAQs About Buying a Laptop Stand

1. Which type of laptop stand is best?

Unfortunately, there’s no single answer to that question. Each stand type has its share of advantages and disadvantages, and finding one largely depends on an individual’s use case.
If you want a laptop stand for your home desk, you can choose to go with ones that offer a sturdy build and good air ventilation.

On the other hand, if you prefer to have the stand with you all the time — irrespective of where you work — you want something that’s compact, lightweight, and portable.

But having said that, certain stands can serve both purposes. And so, if you want the best of both worlds—sturdy design and portability—foldable/collapsable laptop stands are what you need.

2. Are laptop stands worth it?

We’ve already mentioned the various advantages of using a laptop stand. But to reiterate, yes, a laptop stand is worth it, and the points below should help you understand its importance better.

  • Using a stand raises the laptop screen to eye level to reduce eye strain.
  • If you have an external monitor in your desk setup, the stand can level the laptop’s screen with the monitor’s so you can work at your desk for hours without experiencing health issues like eye strain, neck strain, back pain, etc.
  • Many laptop stands offer cutouts/vents at the bottom to improve airflow and keep the laptop cool.
  • If you use an external keyboard and mouse at your desk, using a stand raises the laptop from the desk and helps you keep the desk organized. Some laptop stands even come with a hole for cable management, which can help you keep cables for your external keyboard, mouse, monitor, and other accessories organized.

3. What is the best laptop stand to buy?

The best laptop stand is the one that fits both your needs and budget. If you are looking for a stand that offers the most stability, then you should consider buying one with a base. If you are looking for something that can easily be transported from place to place, then you might want to consider the one which is lightweight and folds into something very small. And finally, if you are looking for a laptop stand that is most feature-rich, then you should consider buying one that offers a USB hub.

4. What is the best laptop lap desk to buy?

best lap desk

There are a variety of laptop desks that can be positioned on your lap in bed or on the couch. Your legs are kept away from the laptop when using the lap desk, which helps reduce potential radiation effects and keeps heat from contacting them. As a general rule, the best lap desk will allow the laptop to stay cool while also being adjustable for comfort when working on a laptop in this relaxed position.

The most popular lap desk you can buy on Amazon is this one from LapGear, which has over five-star customer reviews on It comes with a built-in mouse pad and a phone holder. Almost the right size and weight even with a 15-inch laptop.

5. What is the best gaming laptop stand to buy?

The Tilted Nation RGB Gaming Laptop Stand is perfect for gamers who want a more ergonomic gaming laptop. Four USB 3.0 ports let you connect your gaming mouse, laptop, webcam, and any other device you need. Stylish RGB lighting completes the package. With this stand, you can place your gaming laptop around 3 inches and at a 15-degree angle. This way you can play for longer periods of time without getting stiff.

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