Are you looking for the best Google Sheets calendar templates? Google Sheets is a full-featured spreadsheet that lets you prepare, manage, and organize entries for invoices, reports, calendars, and many other things.


In this post, we’ll focus on how to use Google Sheet calendar templates and the best Google Sheets calendar template that you can use to create a calendar.

Why do I need a Google Sheets calendar template?

We all know that using a calendar is the most effective way to keep track of and manage one’s time, but neither physical calendars nor the majority of online calendar apps offer their users many options to customize the calendar to their preferences. Even though there are some dedicated (paid) calendar apps that are perfect for all your needs, a spreadsheet calendar is still a good option as it is free, highly configurable, and great for collaboration.

Moreover, you’ll benefit from a very flexible use of the Google Sheet calendar since the program offers several editing options that will let you customize the entries for any purpose. You can either follow the steps to create the calendar yourself or use one of the best Google Sheets calendar templates, which you can then customize to suit your needs.

In this article, we will introduce you to the best Google Sheets calendar templates and also show you how to create your own Google Sheets calendar.

How to choose the best Google Sheets Calendar template

There are many different types of Google Sheets Calendar Templates available, so finding the best one for you may take some time. However, there are a few things that you should look for when choosing a template.

  • First, make sure that the template is easy to use and understand.
  • Second, choose a template that is customizable so that you can change it as needed.
  • Finally, pick a template that looks good and is professional-looking so that it will be easy for others to read and follow.

What are the best Google Sheets Calendar Templates

For those who want to create a calendar in Google Sheets using a template, here are the 11 top premade calendar templates that you can use as needed.

  1. Simple Calendar Template
  2. 2023 Smartsheet Weekly Planner
  3. Full Year Calendar 2023 Template
  4. Soft Colors Monthly Content Calendar Template
  5. 2022 Employee Calendar Template
  6. Annual Calendar 2023
  7. Content Calendar Template for Google Sheets
  8. Black and Gold Monthly Calendar Template
  9. Social Media Content Calendar
  10. Weekly Planner Template
  11. Phases of the Moon Calendar
To use these Google Sheets calendar templates, click on the link we’ve provided below each template. On the Google Sheets page, tap File and select Create Copy from the drop-down menu. Then enter the name you want to save the calendar under and click Create Copy to save it in your Google Drive. After that, you can use the created copy for personal use.

Simple Calendar Template

simple calendar template

As the name suggests, the Simple Calendar Template is a simple and concise Google Sheets yearly calendar. The template is quite customizable, so anyone can make notes, enter daily tasks, and keep track of appointments. There is enough space in each date field for notes and things you want to get done. Besides, the design is pretty simple and will be a good choice for you if you prefer simplicity.

Use Simple Calendar Template

2023 Smartsheet Weekly Planner

smartsheet weekly calendar

Smartsheet Weekly Planner is the best Google Sheet calendar template that you can use to manage a complete weekly schedule. This template is built in such a way that you can save a note for anything you want to do throughout the day within a self-defined interval. Since it is a weekly calendar, you can prepare the schedule for a whole week. Everything you need to note down what you want to do during the days of a specific week of the year is included in the template, so it’s worth a try if that’s what you are looking for.

Use Smartsheet Weekly Planner

Full Year Calendar 2023 Template

full year calendar

The Full Year Calendar Template is, as the name suggests, a yearly calendar template that covers the calendar for the entire year 2023. It is for anyone who just wants to keep track and easily access the full date of the days during the year. The calendar template has a very eye-catching look and a nice layout. Another special feature of this Google Sheets calendar add-on is that there is a part that allows you to save important dates to access Google Sheets or print them along with the full-year calendar.

Use Full Year Calendar 2023 Template 

Soft Colors Monthly Content Calendar Template

content calendar template

This Google Sheets calendar add-on is just what you need if you create content and need to plan your content creation schedule. Soft Colors Monthly Content Calendar Template is so minimalistic and well-designed that your schedule will not look cumbersome in sight. To use it, you just need to open it from the Google Sheet link and make a copy of the calendar. Since it is a monthly calendar, you need to switch to a new month anytime you want to start the schedule for a new month on the MONTH option.

Use Soft Colors Monthly Content Calendar Template

2023 Employee Calendar Template

google sheets employee calendar template

Employee Calendar Template is an incredible Google Sheet calendar for business owners and HR managers to keep track of employee activities in a company. With this calendar add-on, you can create schedules and manage the salaries of each employee. It is very easy to use and can be used instead of complex employee management applications.

Use Employee Calendar Template

Annual Calendar 2023

annual calendar 2023

This is a calendar integrated into Google Sheets, created just to display the calendar for the whole year. This spreadsheet template is only for checking dates and tracking days, as it does not contain any additional features that you can use. It has a dark blue background, but that can be changed by going to Format > Themes. You can try it out using the link below.

Use Annual Calendar 2023

Content Calendar Template for Google Sheets


Content Calendar is a good choice for content creators who want to manage their work with their team and need a calendar to keep track of it. It has a tab for the content calendar and another tab with a full calendar that you can use for daily scheduling. Besides, the calendar template is very easy to use, so you should try it out.

Use Content Calendar

Black and Gold Monthly Calendar Template

black and gold monthly calendar template

Another Google Sheets calendar template worth mentioning is the Black and Gold Monthly Calendar Template. This spreadsheet template is top-notch when it comes to looks and is the only one on this list that only includes the 2023 calendar. With this calendar template, you can create notes at the bottom of each page and circle important dates to jot them down.

Use Black and Gold Monthly Calendar Template 

Other Google Sheets calendar templates you could try include:

9. Social Media Content Calendar

10. Weekly Planner Template

11. Phases of the Moon Calendar

What are some tips for using Google Sheets Calendar Templates?

When using Google Sheets Calendar Templates, it is important to keep the following tips in mind:

1. Choose a template that is appropriate for your needs. There are a variety of templates available, so make sure to select one that will work best for you.

2. Be sure to enter all of the required information into the template. This includes things like dates, times, and event details.

3. Once you have completed the template, be sure to save it so you can access it later.

4. If you need to make changes to the template, be sure to do so in a way that does not affect the original data. For example, if you need to change the date of an event, create a new entry rather than edit the existing one.

Why Google Sheets calendars are so great

Google Sheets is a great place to create a calendar because it is so easy to access and easy to enter information into. You can quickly add notes and events to the calendar, and there are tons of different calendar templates to choose from. Plus, most people love Google Sheets because it’s always there, like a good friend or reliable old pair of jeans.

Depending on your needs, you can choose one of the above Google Sheets calendar templates. Some of the calendar templates serve a different purpose, which we’ve discussed under each of them, or you can simply view the template using the attached link. In the meantime, make sure you always make a copy of the Google Sheets calendar template before you start.

FAQs about the best Google Sheets Calendar templates

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The main reason to have a Google Sheets calendar is that it is customizable. Whether you create your calendar from scratch or use a calendar template, you can always customize it to best suit your needs.

Just as you can use Google Sheets to create a calendar, you can also use Google Docs. To save yourself the stress of creating the calendar all by yourself in Docs, you can use calendar templates.

Yes, there are calendar templates for 2023 that you can download and use in Google Sheets if you want to make plans for the coming year. We shall also be updating this post with newer templates closer to the new year.

One of the advantages of using Google Sheets to create a calendar is the fact that you can create a custom calendar according to your needs. And yes, calendars created with Google Sheets can be printed if you want a printed version of your calendar.

You can download the free Google Docs calendar template by clicking this link. It's the 2022 Google Docs monthly calendar template with public holidays and remarks space in horizontal format. You can design and personalize it as per your liking.

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