Have you always wanted to automate clicks on your Mac? Don’t worry, it’s possible. Whether you’re dealing with multiple files or data entry or want to enjoy your favorite game on your Mac, an auto-clicker can be a great savior.

best auto clickers for mac

Instead of installing tons of auto-clickers and filtering out the best ones, check out this brilliant list we’ve just compiled for you. Let’s take a look at the best auto clickers for Mac and their features so you can choose the one that suits your needs.

What is an Auto Clicker for Mac

An auto clicker is actually an app that simulates mouse clicks when needed. This can be very helpful if you want to automate mouse clicks for editing multiple files, data entry, or even games. With the help of an auto clicker, you can perform a series of clicks by adjusting the time intervals and even the position of the mouse cursors. When used perfectly, it can help you become more productive and score more points in your favorite games on your Mac.

Many competitive games do not allow auto-clicker because it is considered an unfair advantage. Therefore, proceed with caution.

Do I Even Need an Auto Clicker on My Mac?

Auto Clicker is a versatile application that can be used in various scenarios on Mac. Here are some of them:

  • Simulating clicks at a specific location – When you are scrolling through a long web page or form or when you do not want your computer to go to sleep. In this case, an auto clicker app would be very helpful to automate clicks at a specific location on your Mac.
  • Data Entry – Working with spreadsheets and Google Docs can be overwhelming at times. Why not use an auto clicker and let your Mac do the task itself?
  • Editing Multiple Files – If you are editing multiple files at once, such as deleting, moving, or renaming, an auto clicker can do that effortlessly as well. All you have to do is set it up, and then the auto clicker will take care of the rest. It can perform actions like move, delete, rename, etc., on your Mac.
  • Gaming – Many games require players to click very quickly. In such cases, an auto clicker is a boon for gamers.
  • Productivity – In some cases, automating small tasks on your Mac with the help of an auto clicker can help you focus on other important tasks. This can help you increase your productivity and prolong it at the same time.
  • Accessibility – Last but not least, users with disabilities can also benefit a lot from auto clickers on their Mac. With few and simple automation once set up, they can benefit multiple times. You can literally make your Mac easier and more accessible.

5 Best Auto Clickers for Mac

There are several Mac auto-clickers on the market, but most of them are not reliable. We have selected the top five auto-clickers that actually work in 2023.
Sl NoAuto Clicker NameDeveloperFeaturesLimitations
1Autoclick by MahdiMahdi BchatniaSimulate left-click, right-click, and middle click. Customize delay for starting and stopping automatic clicking. Assign a keyboard shortcut.No active development
2MurGaa Auto ClickerMurGaaSet a maximum number of clicks, delay between clicks, and click sounds. Automate keystrokes by assigning keyboard shortcuts.Shareware. Costs $6.54 after free trial.
31Clicker (Mouse Clicker)1ClickerConfigure mouse buttons and click types. Record a series of clicks and play them back.Can only click automatically for 5 minutes before having to wait 1 minute.
4Fast Clicker by MurGaaMurGaaChoose a random time delay for clicks. Set the number of clicks, including an option to set it to infinite. Assign a keyboard shortcut.Shareware. Costs $6.54 after free trial.
5Dwell ClickPilotmoon SoftwareStarts clicking on the screen as soon as the app is launched. Allows for window resizing and moving. Floating toolbar for easy access.Retired app with no active development.

Autoclick by Mahdi Bchatnia

autoclick by mahdi auto clicker for mac

Autoclick by Mahdi is a simple but advanced auto clicker for your Mac. You can easily simulate a left-click, right-click, or even a middle-click by configuring the app.

There are two modes in this single app, simple and advanced, which can be toggled by clicking the simple/advanced button in the upper right corner of the window.

Autoclick also lets you customize the delay for starting and stopping automatic clicking on your Mac. Although it is a simple application, it also provides the ability to assign a keyboard shortcut for faster access.

Download Autoclick by Mahdi

MurGaa Auto Clicker

auto clicker by murgaa best auto clickers for mac

Auto Clicker by MurGaa is one of the most advanced and customizable auto clickers for Mac. From setting a “maximum number of clicks” to “delay between clicks,” everything in this app is fully customizable. You can even set the maximum number of clicks to infinity by entering a value of 0 (zero). You can also choose to have click sounds or no sounds, which can be helpful if you are taking screen recordings and plan to share them with others.

With this auto clicker, you can not only choose the type of click but also select a key on the keyboard and automate a keystroke. And you can do all this by assigning keyboard shortcuts within the app itself, which is a cherry on top.

Download Auto Clicker by MurGaa

1Clicker (Mouse Clicker)

1clicker auto clicker for mac

1Clicker is a simple but functional auto clicker app for your Mac. You can easily configure the mouse buttons and click types through the simple interface. The basic functionality of adjusting click intervals is also available in this app.

1Clicker comes with a preloaded keyboard shortcut for better automation.

One thing that sets this auto-clicker apart from others is that you can record a series of clicks. When you are done recording, simply play the recorded click, and it will repeat until you stop it. This can be very useful when editing a large number of files or entering data.

1Clicker has a small drawback: it can only click automatically for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, you have to wait 1 minute as it says that this is a free app and you have to buy a full version. This is contradictory since it is a free app, according to their own website.

Download 1Clicker

Fast Clicker by MurGaa

fast clicker by murgaa auto clicker for mac

This is another auto clicker app from MurGaa called Fast Clicker. It is a very small auto clicker app with limited functionality compared to MurGaa’s auto clicker. It allows you to choose a random time delay for clicks.

You can also set the number of clicks, and the best part is that it can also be set to infinite by setting it to 0 (zero). And you can also assign a keyboard shortcut for effortless automation.

Download Fast Clicker by MurGaa.

Dwell Click

dwell click best auto clickers for mac

Dwell Click is a retired app with no active development. But even though it’s been retired, it still works like a charm. You can download it for free from their website, and the developers were also kind enough to provide a free lifetime license for all.

Dwell Click is a bit different from the normal auto clicker apps because as soon as you launch the app, it starts clicking on the screen. Now all you have to do is move your mouse, and it will keep clicking until it is stopped. You can even resize windows or move windows around by placing your mouse pointer on the corner of a window or the top of a window to do so.

In the settings, you can set key mappings for multiple types of clicks for faster access. Dwell Click also provides you with a floating toolbar for easy access. If you want certain applications to be excluded from Dwell Click, you can also specify this in the settings.

Download Dwell Click

How to Setup Auto Clicker on Mac

For an auto clicker to work properly on a Mac, you must give it permission in System Preferences. Once you have figured out the best auto clicker for Mac, look at these steps to grant permission to the app after installation.

1. Open System Preferences on your Mac.

You can do this from the menu bar by clicking on the Apple logo > System Preferences. You can also search for System Preferences in the Spotlight search on your Mac.

2. Click on the Security & Privacy option.system preferences on mac

3. On the Security & Privacy settings page navigate to the Privacy tab.

4. Now click Accessibility and then click the lock icon to allow changes.security & privacy settings on mac

5. System Preferences will ask you for your password, enter it and click Unlock.system preferences asking for password on mac

6. Click the box next to the auto clicker to give it permission. And now you can close the System Preferences.give auto clickers permission on mac

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Once this is done, launch the auto clicker by clicking on the app icon. Then select the keyboard shortcut you want to use to start and stop the clicker. Click ‘Save keyboard shortcut,’ and the setup process is complete.

To start automatic clicking, you need to make certain decisions, such as where to click, the time interval between clicks, the background color, and the mouse click speed.

This process can vary by the app you have chosen, but the general idea is the same. Go to System Preferences. Navigate to Privacy and Security and click Accessibility. You will then find the auto clicker app you have installed in the menu labeled ‘Allow the application to control your computer‘ and give access to the application by activating the toggle switch. You will then be prompted to enter your password.

Once you have set up the application, you can easily use it for repeated clicks. You can set the click intervals and the time before the clicks, choose whether you want a left or right click, choose which click type you want, and between slow and fast, you can choose the mouse click speed.

And if you want it to be a bit more complex, you can also create a sophisticated workflow with multiple clicks at different points on the screen. You can specify the exact coordinates of the click, the number of clicks, the interval between clicks and choose an action from a comprehensive list of options, including running Apple Script.

You can also record custom keyboard shortcuts to initiate the click workflow, save them as projects, load them, and update them as needed. And if you ever need to schedule an automatic execution, that can be done in just a few clicks, too.

Automation on Mac Made Easy with Auto Clickers

In short, auto clickers on Mac are an incredibly useful tool to automate repetitive tasks and save some time in the process. With the help of these auto clickers, you can easily automate different types of tasks on your Mac.

Instead of choosing just one auto clicker app from the list above, you can choose several depending on your needs. This way, every time you need to automate something on your Mac, you’ll make sure you have the right tool for the task at hand.

So why spend hours clicking around when you can automate your workflow and focus on more important tasks? Enjoy the power of automation on your Mac.

Want to do more automation on your Mac? Learn to use Shortery: A Shortcut Automation App for Macs[Guide].

FAQs about Best Auto Clickers for Mac

loader image

To get started, install the app and then select the keyboard shortcut you want to use to start and stop the clicks. After that, you can choose where you want to click, how fast or slow you want the click speed to be, and how far apart you want the clicks to be.

To enable access to the application, click the Settings icon, navigate to Privacy and Security, and then click Accessibility. In the menu labeled "Allow the application to control the computer," you will see the app name. Turn on the toggle switch and enter the password to grant permission.

To use a keyboard shortcut to activate an auto clicker, you must first add the auto clicker macro. Then specify the item to be clicked and set the number of clicks, the time between clicks, and the countdown. Finally, set your preferred key combination to start and stop the click.

Yes, there are many free auto clickers for Mac. The best free auto clickers for Mac are:

  1. Autoclick by Mahdi
  2. Auto Clicker by MurGaa, and
  3. Dwell Click
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